Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game Update 0.78 - Medi, Herald of the Void, and Tutorial 2

Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game Update 0.78
Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game Update 0.78 Steam

Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game recently received an update focused on two new features and bug fixes. The two new major features are the Tutorial 2 and Major Balance Patch, and their details can be found below.

Tutorial 2

The latest update introduces Tutorial 2, found in the Play screen. In addition to that, the developer is working toward the completion of the remaining initial four tutorials, with the help of new machine builder systems to speed up the process.

Medi, Herald of the Void

This is a balancing change introduced as part of the Major Balance Patch. The goal is to keep the draft ability as casual for players who are at a relatively lower level and would like to experience variety in each game. However, it no longer grants a free peek at the available options to balance it at high competitive plays.

Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game Update 0.78

Bug Fixes
  • Removed duplicate card entries in the deckbuilder (Proctul Sniper, Devil of Despair).
  • Fixed issues with deck cover art on deck displays in the main menu not properly updating.
  • Fixed deckbuilder not updating commander faction filtering when mix purity filtering is used.
  • Fixed quest “Big Boys” counting progression for 7 cost cards.
  • Fixed effects that Gain Control and move into your deck incorrectly putting them on the top.
  • Fixed Graveyard and Deck targeting to close the card viewer if canceling targeting while the zones are being showed.
  • Fixed “On Enters Deployed” effects sometimes not triggering when being raised from the graveyard to a deployed zone.
  • Fixed the deck builder cosmetic selector showing outside of the deck builder when zooming a card elsewhere in the main menu.
  • Fixed Mysterious Box of Wonder's Alternate Art not having an animated spritesheet.
  • Fixed Raise Dead on an opponent card incorrectly synergizing with Memorial to Heroes causing an additional spirit token being created.
  • Fixed Marina, Touched by Infinity's Lifelink being set as 0 instead of 4.
  • Fixed Mysterious Box of Wonder's Christmas alternate art spritesheet being missing.
  • Fixed Symbiote Prototype causing the game to hang.
  • Fixed Undeath Wish second choice sometimes not moving the killed card to your graveyard.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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