The Infamous Ferryman of the Styx Now Ready to Collect Souls in SMITE

Update 10.7 Titan Forge Games

Charon has arrived in the third-person MOBA game SMITE via Update 10.7. The infamous Ferryman of the Styx is a frontline god that can aid allies with his powerful support abilities.

The Ferryman's Here to Collect

Charon can be incredibly tanky later on thanks to his passive, Ferryman of Souls. When a friendly lane minion or jungle monster dies within assist range, their essence persists for eight seconds, giving Charon enough time to collect them. Each essence gives Charon one gold and one Soul stack. When he returns to the base, he loses all Soul stacks and gains a permanent two max HP increase per stack. So long as Charon stays on the battlefield and keeps on collecting essences, he will be very difficult to defeat in the late game.

Spectral Surge, Charon's first ability, prompts him to take out a soul from the Styx and fires it as a line projectile that damages and slows all enemies while stopping on the first god hit. If this attack hits an enemy god, it then explodes in a damaging and silencing area around the target. Furthermore, all enemy gods hit by the explosion leave behind a damaging, slowing trail for the next three seconds.

Charon can mark enemies using Damnation, his second ability. After a short delay, he creates a rift to the underworld, dealing damage in an area and marking all enemy gods hit for the next three seconds. The marked gods are not only revealed, but their attack speed is reduced as well. On top of that, allied gods who hit a marked god with an ability or basic attack will gain a shield for a few seconds. However, subsequent shields only grant 25% of the original value.

True to his job as a Ferryman of the Styx, Charon uses his boat when activating his third ability, Swift Voyage. Charon rows forcibly at a break-neck pace, charging forward with increased movement speed and reduced turn radius for 2.5 seconds. He is immune to slow and knockback at this time. Each enemy he collides with is rooted, making them easy pickings for him and his allies.

Last but not least, Charon summons the fabled River of the Styx to deal damage to his foes with his ultimate. When activated, he summons a massive tidal wave that he sends forth across the entire battlefield. Enemy gods hit by the wave are feared, while allied gods gain protection for three seconds. That's not all! An allied god within 60 units directly behind the wave gains 40% increased movement speed as well. Charon is immune to crowd control effects while summoning the massive wave, which means that he can only be stopped if he's killed during this time.

So, what can you say about the new god Charon in SMITE?

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