Imagine Earth: New Planet and Game Modes Featured in Update 1.9

Imagine Earth
Imagine Earth Steam

Update 1.9 for the space colony management game Imagine Earth is here. This patch features several new contents, including two new game modes and a new planet, among others.

The Xrathul Planet is a new planet that players can go to in Imagine Earth. Located in Udoxia Galaxy, a brand new mission awaits players on Omicron Persei 9, where they might have to explore some strange building complexes. Word has it that these can release powerful forces. What are the dangers that lie ahead?

Xrathful Planet
Xrathful Planet Steam

Update 1.9 also introduces two new game modes. The first is called Sci-Fi Mode and, as the name implies, will treat players to an experience of what would likely happen in the colonization of space. In this mode, players can use technology that people can only dream of today.

The second new game mode is called Serious Mode. Unlike the previous one where players will have futuristic tech at their disposal, Serious Mode is more grounded in its approach. That’s because technology is limited to what’s available in the 21st century. Furthermore, instead of engaging in futuristic intergalactic space trade, Serious Mode is focused on solving issues similar to what’s happening in the real world, such as resource consumption, economic growth, and environmental impacts of climate change.

Patch Notes

  • The Xrathul Palace and the Great Pyramid are now destructible giant buildings
  • Entering the bonus galaxy will now always provide two planets, to give you a choice
  • Meteor showers and Xrathul bait have become more powerful
  • City building is now cancel-able until the capsule lands
  • Supply capsules now come more often and are shown in the bookmark panel
  • Items are now cancel-able until the drone is on site and has activated them
  • You can now get up to 50 new city permits through population growth
  • We gave the main character Alia an eye surgery because some people felt she gave them an uncomfortable look
  • Only resource deposits of relevant size are now displayed
  • Gaia constructs: Active conversion is also shown in the waiting bar
  • New speech of Eko at the invitation to the world congress
  • New cursor when closing the ring
  • 8 great interface improvements that are way too hard to describe
  • Country-specific subtitles in the main menu
  • Popup renamed: "Mission successful" instead of "Campaign successful"
  • Added a notification for game beginners to try the tutorial first
  • Fixed buildings not showing up immediately when jumping between cities
  • Fixed galaxy screen layout for 4:3 resolutions
  • Fixed planet being briefly lit differently on exit
  • Joma: Fixed completion logic of "use power" goal before
  • No longer show Whales in the navigation view
  • Fixed sandbox planets not working
  • Don't show trade options for natives that are not close to your territory
Xrathful Palace
Xrathful Palace Steam

Imagine Earth Update 1.9 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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