Imagine Earth Update 1.02: Bug Fixes, Story Mode Changes, and More

Imagine Earth Update 1.02
Imagine Earth Update 1.02 Steam

Imagine Earth recently got a new update that added new features and fixed bugs.

Players can now choose the difficulty level at the start of the campaign, which makes it more relaxing for some gamers. Moreover, the developers have added a new mode where players can experience the story with only the relevant dialogs. This mode is good for players who just want to cruise through the story without much effort.

Imagine Earth Update 1.02

AI optimization
  • AI was prevented from actively defending against attackers with items through repairs.
  • AI now builds fewer special districts and more normal ones.
  • AI now builds its City Centers not so often next to each other.
  • You can finally blast away giant mountains, just need lots of ideon bombs and explosives.
  • Laser cannons now let asteroids with precious metals through, if no house is damaged by them.
  • We have been able to reduce the memory requirements per frame by at least half. Some of the memory problems should be history.
  • We optimized the design of the faction and trade menus and threw out unnecessary buttons. Especially important for gamepad control.
  • Various improvements to the Tuto mission.
  • Mining drones were too high over forests
  • Supply pods are closed when they have been emptied.
  • Midras speaker has been widened so it is no longer cut off.
  • The calculation of deep ocean fields has been corrected.
  • Reduced repair speed on uplink and similar units.
  • Increased probability that a volcano erupted by Gaia force field will hit its target.
  • Removed the player's faction indicator in the faction panel from Campaign and Endless because it is only interesting for competitions.
  • When too many small lights were in view due to drone processes, light irritation occurred. Hopefully we have solved this satisfactorily now.
  • Empty models are no longer incorporated.
  • Forest: Powers overlapped with deletion
  • Intro was not played
  • Field markers overlapped buildings
  • Jungle Planet sometimes had bald spots
  • Forest power did not show Gaia particle effect on target field
  • Building menu: Selector was out of place
  • Faction Speaker and Trader sometimes had truncated statements
  • City shows radius incorrectly
  • Sometimes placing did not work

You can read more about the update here.

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