IdleOn MMO: World 5 Finally Here and Introduces 3 New Skills

New world, new content.
New world, new content. Lavaflame2

World 5 for IdleOn MMO is now live, so there’s a lot of new content to expect like new skills, new monsters, new equipment, and new bubbles. Of course, there are also the balancing changes and bug fixes.

Let's start with the new subsystem The Slab. This is an ancient tablet that can transcribe every item encountered by players. The fuller it is, the more amazing the bonuses granted.

New Skills

Here are the three new skills introduced in World 5:

  • Sailing
    • Hire captains and build boats.
      • Slowly amass a fleet and set sail to more than a dozen islands and collect treasure chests.
    • Open treasure chests to collect 30 artifacts.
      • These artifacts can boost the game in new ways like "Get Shrine Bonuses from any map" and "increases cooking meal max levels."
  • Divinity
    • Meditate on the altar to gain divinity.
      • Use it to give offerings to the gods in hopes of their approval.
    • Each of the 10 gods that can be unlocked have their own unique boost.
      • Each character can only link to one god, so be sure to pick and choose wisely.
  • Gaming
    • Grow sprouts and pick them for bits.
      • Spend bits to get better sprouts that give more bits.
      • It's an idle game within an idle game.
    • In addition to growing, players can unlock various items and minigames to play with.
      • These include gold digging and POiNG, to name a few.

New Content

Here are some of the other new content that everyone can enjoy:

  • Voidinator Wizard Tower for TD
    • Removes the colors of enemies and opens up new possibilities for surviving late rounds.
  • ​Three new Pet Territories to fight and collect spices from.
  • Eight new meals to cook using the new spices from new pet territories.
  • 24 new Anvil V recipes.
  • 20 new alchemy bubbles.
  • Eight new alchemy Vials.
  • Six new Statues
    • Three of them are found from W5 mobs.
    • Three of them from W4 mobs.
  • 11 new stamps
    • All found in W5 from various sources.
  • ​Three new Post Office Upgrade Crates.

IdleOn MMO was released on Steam Early Access in April 2021. Players can create multiple characters who are always working even when they're offline. IdleOn MMO is also available on Android and iOS.

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