Clash of Beasts: Awakening Update Now Lets You Fight Up to Four Beasts at the Same Time

Prepare for the Awakening.
Prepare for the Awakening. Ubisoft

A new update is now live in Clash of Beasts, titled Awakening, which completely revamps this free-to-play strategy game. Awakening gives players the ability to attack a maximum of four beasts at once rather than one. There are also new story chapters along with new campaign maps.

Being able to fight up to four beasts should allow players to come up with new strategic options to break through the enemy defense. However, since each beast has unique skills and affinities, it's important to find the right balance to make the synergy needed to take down opponents.

New Chapters and Campaign

The new story chapters and campaign maps introduced with this new update provide players with more immersive experience. Players get to explore the magical world of Veren composed of different lands from the Snow Tribes to the Red Axes. The battles to be faced may increase in difficulty but there are resources that players can collect to help strengthen their beasts.

In addition to being able to attack the bases of other mercenaries, players can protect their own with more than 10 defensive towers, each having different effects against those who would storm the gates.

In Clash of Beasts, players take on the role of a mercenary with a Beastmaster spark. It is what gives them the ability to control beasts and use their abilities. Each beast has its own unique fighting class, magical ability, and affinity. To get the victory, it’s important for them to find the right balance among these beasts and their skills.

The affinities of the beasts are tied to elemental gods, which give them specific powers, each burdened by strengths and weaknesses. The goddess of nature and life Gaia, for example, can easily overpower the goddess of water Theras. However, Gaia can easily be consumed by the god of fire Vorm.

Do you like what the Awakening update brought to the game? Learn more about Clash of Beasts, available on Android and iOS.

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