ICARUS: Week 63 Update Fixes the Thumper and Adds Disable Camera Shake Option

Week 63 Update
Week 63 Update Steam

Rocketwerkz has implemented a number of tweaks and bug fixes to the Thumper in the Week 63 Update for ICARUS, now available on Steam.

The Thumper is a new towering machine that ICARUS players can use to regenerate harvestable ore deposits. However, there are certain things that were not working correctly in the previous patch. As a result, the company implemented bug fixes to resolve them in the Week 63 Update.

Using the Thumper inside caves will now spawn land sharks and cave worms as intended. After all, slamming a heavy machine like the Thumper repeatedly should cause a significant disturbance in the surrounding area, right?

Additionally, the Thumper can no longer be turned on while in water. This was made to rectify a small exploit that some players have discovered.

This patch brought quality-of-life improvements as well. Mission Reward Dropships will now try their best to land as close to players as possible. Furthermore, a new option has been added that lets players disable camera shakes.

Week 63 Update
Week 63 Update Steam


  • Updated in-world tooltips to show the fillable resource color (eg blue for water, green for fuel, white for oxygen)
  • Explicitly clear the frost affect when Cold and FrostBite modifiers are removed rather than running the blend weights again
  • Force two decimal places on UI temperature display
  • CARAPACE: Added unlock flag to mission (in addition to currently being granted during mission steps), so it will show the indicator on prospect selection screen
  • Actors outside the world bounds during generation will now be assigned the closest generated level as their owner
  • Black Wolf Knife is now correctly repaired by Black Wolf Teeth
  • Add ProjectionLocation component to Caveworm loot drop sack to fix the widget being offset due to initial spawn offset
  • ICESTORM: Fixed visual bug that would reset the mission progress of the device activation step
  • Remove Durable trait from Shengong Canteen to match other water vessels
  • Fix Shengong Canteen weighing 100g when it should be 1,000g
  • Fixing missing Fillable Type data from Larkwell Canteen
  • Adding initial color selection functionality to Portable Beacon. Disabled while UX is being worked out
  • REMNANT: Fixed case where scans could be marked as incomplete after a relog
  • Fixed issue where unmined voxels that had been regenerated weren't updating for clients until mined/damaged
  • Added loading screen to show when attempting to auto-rejoin a server after losing connection via error 65
  • Added cheat to mine all voxels in a radius around the player
  • Player dropships now topple any large trees in the way when landing
  • Added settings option to change display gamma/brightness

ICARUS Week 63 Update is available on PC.

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