Icarus Week 62 Update Brings Thumper and Tons of Bug Fixes, Patch Notes Here

Icarus Steam/RocketWerkz

Icarus Week 62 Update is now live and it’s a great addition for players looking for more ores. This is because the patch introduces The Thumper, a 16-feet tall machine that can regenerate harvestable ore deposits in the area of its deployment. But it is important to note that the device won’t work with stone or deep ore veins.

The patch also brought lots of tweaks and improvements, which you can read below.

  • Adding in pass on landshark tweaks and swapping out thumper mesh for proper version, adding in entries for unique projectile for landshark with modifiers to be hooked up
  • Added power connection requirement to thumper. Set up animations and placeholder VFX/Screen Shake on thumper
  • Adding audio to the thumper
  • Updating Thumper Name and Description
  • Adding Talent for Thumper and Unlocking Recipe
  • Adjusting Thumper Minimum Time and adding ability for players to Pause the Thumper
  • Added Thumper icon to D_Itemable
  • Adding back context for Thumper device and hooking up to D_Meshables
  • Adjustments to Thumper VFX, add working and final thump NS
  • Adding in unique modifier for the landshark spit poison and adding in telegraphing for the dive attacks
  • Added new in-world tooltip for Thumper
  • Added ability to override default tooltip widget class
  • Increased recipe cost of Thumper device
  • Increase carry weight of the Thumper Device to do its size justice
  • Thumper device no longer affected by weather
  • Fixed bug where regenerated voxels would need to be manually updated by mining
  • Increased initial connection timeouts for all net drivers to 3 minutes to reduce potential connection issues with joining dedicated servers
  • Increased initial connection time out to 3 minutes. This should reduce cases of error 61's when trying to join a server
  • Fixed bug where a prospector dying in one prospect then beginning a new prospect would cause the prospector to drop in an already dead state
  • Fixing normal issue due to Unreal Computing normals instead of manually importing then with the Skeletal Mesh
  • Added a reset to the DBNO logging on death
  • Making unique asset for the Landshark death to use correct audio, upped the damage of its projectiles slightly and added in stamina action cost to the poison modifier
  • Increase radius on Thumper screenshake effect from 10m to 15m
  • Optimize Thumper GroundImpact effect
  • Adding heavy metal deploy sound to Thumper
  • Added more logging and fixed another case where auto-retry joining was failing during an error 65
  • Increased thumper effect radius.

You can check out the complete details of Icarus Week 62 Update on Steam.

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