Icarus Week 60 Update Overhauls Weather Forecasting, Patch Notes Here

Icarus Steam/RocketWerkz

Icarus, the survival PvE game by RocketWerkz, received its weekly update a few hours ago. Week 60 patch brings a new weather forecast system along with new storm types. Seven types of storms can now encompass the map, depending on the severity. The weakest will only do cosmetic damage, but the strongest can do more than that.

Icarus Storm Type Map
Icarus Storm Type Map Steam/RocketWerkz

A new backup system is introduced, with the game now backing up the player’s save files every 30 minutes. This should reduce progress loss in case a save corruption happens. You can read the highlights of the update below.

New Content
  • Merge WeatherUpdate to Trunk
  • Re-export datatables after merge
  • Adding New Weather Patterns for all the Prospects
  • Fix the parameter type in logs for Weather forecasting
  • Added GGHost to the list of verified server providers
  • Fixing Cheat to Trigger Quests
  • Adding new Text to Objective List when Objectives are loading
  • New Weather Icons, Adjusting Weather Block Tiers by Player Selected Difficulty and Adjusted UI to fit better in with the other HUD Elements
  • Added remaining weather events to the All_Weather pool, added a All_Weather_MoreLight pool for use in early missions
  • Lowered weather intensities maximum to facilitate better difficulty scaling
  • Changed Open World weather pattern to MidPeak, reducing maximum intensity. (Hard difficulty will still get the maximum intensity weather rarely)
  • Added a MostlyMild weather pattern, as a middle ground between later patterns and the interoductory pattern
  • Moved some early missions and all Outposts to MostlyMild weather pattern
  • Increased average storm severity on exploration missions
  • Exposed client logging system to code and cleaned up multiple blueprints related to it
  • Added client logging to connection errors
  • Fixed some issues with the Error 65 auto-retry system
  • Tierified storm damage events to ensure building damage is normalized throughout tiers
  • Fixed invalid susbystem errors in UMG_ConnectingOverlay after renaming LogOverlaySubsystem
  • Updated weather tier icons
  • Resaved WeatherTierIcon datatable to update tier 0 storm icon
  • Added an optional initial forecast to prospects (possible grace period to ease players in on new prospects)
  • Fixed an order of operations issue that was causing forecast blocks to be skipped on save/load
  • Fixed a bug where the client would only see the boss icon from Crazed Creature dynamic mission when within a small area

You can check out the complete patch notes of Icarus Week 60 Update on Steam.

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