ICARUS: Dedicated Servers Vastly Improved in Week 59 Update

Week 59 Update
Week 59 Update Steam

Developer Rocketwerkz deployed a new patch for ICARUS recently. The Week 59 Update is a godsend for those who use the dedicated server feature because of the many bug fixes and improvements the company has made.

The dedicated server list gets refreshed automatically so that new servers pop up as they appear. Furthermore, the max server results that show up on the list is raised to 10,000, giving players a boatload of servers to choose from.

Additionally, those who like to play ICARUS locally will be happy to know that there’s now a LAN feature for local connections, complete with its own “LAN” tab.

The Week 59 Update also brings a plethora of bug fixes, especially those that impact the core gameplay. For one, the issue with the Healing Boost Module not always applying the aura that helps nearby prospectors heal from afflictions faster has been fixed. Moreover, the annoying bug that caused the sort options on containers to not work as intended has been resolved.

Week 59 Update
Week 59 Update Steam

Here are the other noteworthy bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added the ability to search for servers via IP address, with its own "Direct Connect" tab
  • Disabled the engine LAN search option for Steam's LAN searching instead due to the game crashing while switching search types
  • Added "Friend" and "History" tabs to the server browser - Joining a server will now add it to the History tab
  • Servers can be marked as "favorites" and will show up in a "favorites" tab
  • Server tabs are now ordered "Internet - Favorites - History - Lan - Friends - Direct Connect"
  • Fixed an issue where clients were unable to place or rotate wall signs
  • Fixed an issue where clients using the glassworking bench, were not being correctly displayed the "yellow" border around an item when water was added, signally the item would be "reinforced"
  • Fixed an issue where enzymes geysers were spawning each time you started a session making it seem like their count was resetting
  • Fixed an issue where killing animals with your mount could fail due to a bug
  • Fixed an issue where the UI was allowing players to deploy items in the space station
  • Fixed an issue where the fridge/icebox were displaying incorrect spoilage timers for clients and causing issues with spoilage
  • Fixed an issue where modifiers would sometimes fail to clear in the UI when timed out
  • Fixed a bug where players would unexpectedly lose an attachment when removing multiple from an item
  • Fixed an issue where the grace period was not being applied while seated in the dropship for some players
  • Fixed an issue where item spoil timers wouldn't take into account the proper multiplier stats when combining stacks or removing from stacks. "Sturdy Stalks" talent, for example, should now work as expected.

ICARUS Week 59 Update is available on PC.

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