ICARUS: Week 46 Update Brings Armor Changes and New Mission

Week 46 Update
Week 46 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

The Week 46 Update for ICARUS is now available for download. This patch brought some noteworthy changes to different armors, with a heavy emphasis on durability and resistance. A new mission has also been introduced.

Changes to Armor Durability

Developer Rocketwerkz made considerable changes to armor durability in the Week 46 Update. Back then, armor with a higher resistance stat would often lose more durability than those with lower resistance simply because of the damage the armor has mitigated.

To ensure that players feel higher tier armors are worth it and that balancing changes will be easier to implement moving forward, the company made it so that damage is applied to the source before taking resistance into account. Basically, the damage the player receives is mitigated depending on the resistance of the armor set they have equipped. Additionally, the armor receives the full extent of the damage, thus affecting its durability.

For example, an enemy that deals 100 damage will now deal 100 damage to the armor and 50 damage to the player, considering that the said armor has 50% resistance. On the other hand, a lower tier armor with only 25% resistance receives 100 damage and 75 to the player.

These changes mean that lower-tier armor is no longer more durable than higher-tier gear.

New Mission

Players who are new to ICARUS will find the new mission introduced in the Week 46 Update to be quite appealing.

The new mission is called Spelunking: ASSISTED STOCKPILE and the objective here is to put ore samples requested by the UDA into Supply Pods. Completing this mission awards players with prefabricated workshop gear, courtesy of Shengong.

Bug Fixes

  • Tweaked chatbox for readability
  • Modified DefaultScalability config to improve view distance settings. Default settings were too aggressive resulting in extremely short view distances which offered little to no performance gain, as distant objects are well optimized and don't cause a huge performance hit
  • Improved Culling Distance settings on various StaticMeshFoliage assets to draw at more appropriate distances (some way too far, some way too short)
  • Submitting all dead prospectors with aging variations BPs, textures, and materials
  • Clean out 15GB worth of unused assets in the Megascans folder
  • Clean up a ton of unused assets. Lots of triplicates unused Material Functions and shaders/materials. More removal of unused Substance and Megascans assets
  • Fixed cave worm spawn on reload, if a player saves and reloads inside a cave then caveworms previously killed do not immediately respawn on load
  • Crafting jobs are now aborted if output storage becomes full, instead of the previous behavior where each item was dropped into the world
  • Fixed an issue where the player would try to attack an arrow-embedded creature/object with a melee weapon, the arrows would block the hit and the intended object would be unharmed

ICARUS Week 46 Update is available on PC.

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