Icarus: New Husbandry Tree Added in Week 45 Update

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Rocketwerkz implemented some fixes for the mount system, introduced in Week 42 Update. The Week 45 update also introduces a new Husbandry talent tree that allows players to become experts in the mount system.

Husbandry Tree

The Husbandry Tree is split into three parts, as follows:

  • The left side focuses on taming phase of cycle with talents including temperature tolerance, taming speed, and providing immunity against predators.

  • The middle part focuses on raising mounts and improving them. The talents in this group include gathering, food, water, and mount health.

  • The right side focuses on using the mount for traveling. The talents in this group include more stamina, more carry weights, better movement speed, less food, water, and oxygen requirements.

Mount System

The developers made noticeable changes to the Mount system in this update. One of them is for the Buffalo Mount, where it received higher weight capacity and more extra capacity to the pack harness. Another key change made to mounts is that they no longer starve to death when they are far away from the player, a blessing for those who struggled before.

Icarus Update v1.2.20.102562

New Content
  • Added framework for Husbandry talent tree. - Renamed Construction talent group to Habitation.
  • Added base class for Spike Traps and cleaned up logic for Hedgehogs, basic Wood Hedgehog will now damage players, hedgehogs deal 50% damage to players.
  • Added ranks to Husbandry tree talents. - Renamed Husbandry tree talents from placeholder names to more accurate names.
  • Adding new Stats for Husbandry Talents.
  • Added stats to Husbandry talent points.
  • Updating Husbandy talents to include new stats.
  • Setting up modifiers for new taming aura's.
  • Setting up crafting cost reductions for saddles and taming equipment.
  • Adding new TamedCreatureModifiers Table for Determining the stat transfer between player and tamed creature/juvenile.
  • Fix closed doors and windows sounding open after respawn. There is a potential issue with initialisation order, so try to set the open FMOD parameter again if it fails the first time on BeginPlay.
  • Optimization pass on Buildables textures. Consistency pass on texture settings and reducing 4k textures to save memory.
  • Optimized some assets with high triangle counts to improve performance.
  • Remove sequence reference from Cave diorama causing unnecessary asset loads, wasting memory.
  • Numerous texture optimizations and settings consistency pass to save memory.

You can read more about Icarus Week 45 update here.

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