ICARUS: Week 21 Content Update Adds New Rustic Decorations to Spruce Up Your Outpost

Week 21 Content Update
Week 21 Content Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Have you been playing ICARUS for quite some time now? If so, you probably want to add some things to your outpost to make it look a bit livelier, right? Well, that is what the Week 21 content update is for.

This update adds 20 new items that you can craft in the new Rustic Decor Crafting Bench. This crafting bench can be unlocked at Tier 2. What’s more, when you have the Rustic Decor Crafting Bench unlocked already, all of the blueprints for the new decorations will be available immediately.

Rustic Couch
Rustic Couch Steam

Almost all of the new rustic decorations can be crafted at Tier 2. However, if you want to build a statue that requires gold, you can only forge them in a concrete furnace at Tier 3. With the new decorations introduced in ICARUS, you are only limited by your imagination.

Rustic Statues
Rustic Statues Steam

There’s also a new mission in the Week 21 content update that allows you to try out the newly added decorations. This new mission is set in the forest biome and you are required to construct a fully equipped base according to the African Assembly’s specifications.


New Mission - Homestead: Construction
  • Operator: African Assembly
  • Biome Forest
  • Background: Operator is hosting a VIP investment on ICARUS, and requires advanced infrastructure for their guests in the region
  • Mission: Construct a fully equipped base to Operator specifications
  • Terms: Flat fee. All resources and construction materials responsibility of the Contractor
Added New Rustic Decor Items
  • Rustic Decor Crafting Bench. Required to craft most of the new pieces
  • Rustic Bench
  • Rustic Bookshelf
  • Rustic Cabinet
  • Rustic Candles
  • Rustic Coffee Table
  • Rustic 3-Seater Couch
  • Rustic 2-Seater Couch
  • Rustic Dining Chair
  • Rustic Armchair
  • Rustic Nightstand
  • Rustic Pot
  • Rustic Stool
  • Rustic Table
  • Rustic Large Table
  • Rustic Round Table
  • Rustic Wardrobe
  • Rustic Narrow Wardrobe
  • Rustic Icarus Statue
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a rare issue where buildings supported by caves and cliffs were breaking when reloading a prospect
  • Adjusted the lake sound to lower in volume when on an island so it doesn't feel like you are in the middle of the water
  • Fixed an issue where ambient audio transitions could sound jarring between the Desert and Arctic biomes
  • Fixed some naming inconsistencies and spelling issues on talents
  • Fixed deep mining drills not saving their active state when walking out of range or logging out
  • Fixed damage over time effects not awarding credit for killing the target (i.e. no experience rewarded for kills with poison)

ICARUS Week 21 content update is available on PC.

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