ICARUS: More Deep Mining Ores and New Scanning Technology Featured in Week 18 Content Update

Week 18 Content Update
Week 18 Content Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Developers of the survival game ICARUS added more mining ores in the Week 18 content update. It also features new scanning technology that allows you to locate ore deposits and caves.

In a previous patch, devs introduced the deep mining system where you can set up an unmanned drill that automatically mines ores for you. In the Week 18 content update, this has been improved with more ore deposits available. This is great if you are on a longer prospect and need resources. Furthermore, you can now find them in all three biomes (forests, arctic, and desert).

Aside from that, there are new scanning technologies that you can unlock. The first is the Cave Scanner - a Tier 3 item - that you can use to identify caves along a cliff face. This saves you a ton of time looking for them since the scanner produces a loud beeping sound once you’re near a cave.

The second is the Deep Mining Ore scanner. This item helps you pinpoint the nearest scanned ore deposit, with its accuracy increasing as you get closer to it. The third is the Advanced Deep Mining Ore scanner. Unlike the normal version, this one specifies the exact type of deep mining ore deposit you want to scan and pinpoints the location of the nearest one. This can be unlocked as a blueprint after completing the new mission, MERIDIAN: Extraction.

Patch Notes

  • Added Deep Mining Ore Deposits to more caves
  • [CRASH] Fixed a crash that could occur while the player was sleeping
  • [CRASH] Fixed a crash that could occur while the map is being generated
  • [CRASH] Fixed a crash that could occur while using DX12
  • Fixed an issue where Mission "Spirit Level: Survey" could not be completed due to the 2x Portable Beacons required to be in the players' inventory despite only having a single Utility slot available. Portable Beacons now are placeable in standard inventory slots
  • Updated the “Stay Right There” talent to have a 100% chance for thrown knife critical hits to immobilize their target
  • Fixed an issue where a repair hammer stamina could be spent without a valid repair hit
  • Changed the names of all Repair Hammers to simply Hammer
  • Fixed an issue where Hammers from the Workshop was not showing the building durability value correctly on hover
  • Fixed Stockpile Dropship leaving an invisible collision box behind
  • Fixed Flashlight turning off when dropped
  • Removed durability from Arrows and Bolts to avoid stacking issues
  • Added support for shadow casting for some hit effects (such as Pickaxe deposit impacts) if Shadow Quality is set to Epic

ICARUS Week 18 content update is available on PC.

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