ICARUS: Players Can Now Repair Workshop Items in Week 20 Content Update

Week 20 Content Update
Week 20 Content Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

You can now repair various workshop items, thanks to the latest patch for ICARUS. The Week 20 content update introduces the new Workshop Repair Kit, which is an item that can fix any Workshop equipment you have. This highly requested item can be purchased individually or in a stack of five, but you can only carry a maximum of 10. These things can only be used if you’re within range of a Fabricator or a Machining Bench, so keep that in mind.

In addition, new items are now available in the Orbital Workshop. For instance, you can craft the Larkwell Martinez Tactical Backpack, which is the biggest storage option in ICARUS to date.

Another piece of equipment worth mentioning is the Inaris Lua Envirosuit. While this armor provides fewer inventory slots than other envirosuits, it does come with three more module slots, allowing for better customization.

There’s also something for those who love playing with other people. The newly added Strength Boost enhances the increased carrying capacity of nearby allies. Another new stuff is the Healing Boost, which speeds up the recovery time of nearby allies from ailments.


  • New Mission: FORSAKEN: Recovery. The operator has lost a valuable asset on the surface and cannot abandon it for fear it may be discovered by other teams. Locate and repair the damaged dropship and ensure its safe return to orbit
  • Added ST-400 Armor set: Physical defense, with a boost to base melee and projectile damage. Also gives you bonuses for hunting stats, like stealth and faster movement when crouched or sneaking
  • Added CX-700 Armor set: For miners and resource gatherers, provides bonuses that let you stay out in the field longer reducing wear-and-tear on pickaxes and axes, as well as increasing yields
  • Added Larkwell Martinez Mercenary Backpack: For when you’ve got a lot to kill, Increased shotgun ammo capacity and reload speed
  • Added functionality of locally saved Fog of War to persist between prospects and characters for each terrain
  • Fixed an issue where stats were not being displayed correctly for Caveworm Knives, Spears, Arrows, or Bows
  • Fixed an issue where some buffs were not working as intended if overlapping with another buff provider within a certain radius
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t see some health bars until they were too close to you
  • Fixed an issue where the Icebox and Refrigerator would not receive the extra storage space stat with Extra Space I or II Talents
  • Fixed issue where backpacks and envirosuits could take damage

ICARUS Week 20 content update is available on PC.

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