ICARUS: New Update Orders You to Exterminate Targets

Week 75 Update Rocketwerkz

The Week 75 update for ICARUS is now available on Steam. This patch adds a new extermination mission where UDA assigns you to hunt targets in the Styx map.

Start the Hunt

The new mission in question is called ENCROACHMENT: Extermination. Here, you are assigned by UDA to build a foothold in the central Styx region. Once you've established a suitable base, you'll be given additional targets to hunt. The main objective here is to eliminate a number of animals in each biome.

While it is efficient to team up with other prospectors in ICARUS, this mission is more fun if you play solo. Always proceed with caution because something tells me that things can get out of hand if you're not careful.

Galileo Feedback

Developer Rocketwerkz initiated an in-house playtest of the game's upcoming major update codenamed Galileo recently. According to the company, the new fishing system was a standout success, so much so that things got a bit too competitive between the developers.

Anyway, Rocketwerkz gives a glimpse of some of the Steam achievements included in the Galileo update:

  • Pain in the Bass
  • Pony Slaystation
  • Biome is where the Heart is
  • Lock, Stock, and lots of Bears
  • Buck and Cover
  • Welcome to Icarus
"Galileo" Update New Achievements Rocketwerkz


New Content

  • ENCROACHMENT: Unlocked mission for release
  • ENCROACHMENT: Slight tweaks to mission step text
  • Fixed accolade/stat loading causing a crash on dedicated servers
  • ENCROACHMENT: Added 2 decimal points and increased the frequency that quest progress is updated.
  • ENCROACHMENT: Fixed a bug for client progress.
  • ENCROACHMENT: Slightly lowered kills required in each biome, increased reward from 200/50 to 250/100.


  • Clean up PlayerEffectsComponent, micro optimizations and simplification. Moved all Tickables into separate graph
  • Change atmo controller slowtick rate from 0.5 to 0.2 to help with jittering sun movement
  • Fix new weather params defaulting at 8.0 instead of 0, causing them to fire on game start
  • Fixed incorrect particle rotation for Rain, now moves in -X like all other effects. Enabled drift effects which were being altered on tick but were hidden, and they look cool
  • Update additional user interface strings to be linked to existing translated text
  • Implemented damage states for hedgehogs to show when they are below 75/50/25 health
  • Remove unhooked texture reference, deleted unused asset, moved material into proper folder and fixed filename. Update reference in PlayerChar BP
  • Change function in Buildable Base to reference different array for error reporting to prevent false positives
  • Fixed Variety of Texture and Invisible Wall Issues, All Quads, Styx
  • Override locations of exit points for Respawn Dropship seat to prevent player from standing on top of seat at end of sequence
  • Fixed Variety of Texture and Invisible Wall Issues,Green Quad, Styx
  • Fixed Variety of Texture and Invisible Wall Issues, Green, Blue and Yellow Quad, Styx
  • Fixed bug where switching to fire arrows wouldn't apply correct panini effect on fire particle until you switched weapons or changed camera perspective.

ICARUS Week 75 update is available on PC.

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