ICARUS: Search and Repair a Prospector Base in Latest Update

Week 74 Update Rocketwerkz

Rocketwerkz deployed a new patch for ICARUS, which you can download now on Steam. The Week 74 Update is minor in terms of content as it only added a new SMPL3 dynamic mission called "Lost."

In this mission, you're tasked to locate and head to an abandoned Prospector's base. Once you arrive at the location, you simply have to make the necessary repairs before dropping a beacon down for the UDA to mark its location on the map. Take note that creatures will come and disturb you as you repair the house, so always be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary.

What's cool about this mission is that you might find some loot when you first arrive at the location. Perhaps searching the area before making repairs is a good idea, no?

Week 74 Update Rocketwerkz

Galileo Progress

The company revealed new details about the upcoming content patch for ICARUS codenamed Galileo. It seems that things are going really well because Valve recently approved the game's Steam Cards, Badges, Profiles, and Emotes. These things will be available on the Steam Workshop as soon as Galileo goes live.

On top of that, the ICARUS dev team said that the fishing system is receiving one more iteration. They are also making tweaks to the mechanics so that fishing feels more reactive and engaging.

If you are excited about what's to come, the company is set to hold a closed beta testing for Galileo soon. Be sure to visit us for more updates regarding this matter.



  • Updating SMPL3: Lost and enabling Dynamic Quest
  • Removing Campfire from SMPL3: Lost and added Drying Rack
  • Updated Orgin Spawn Location of Dynamic_Base_1
  • Updating Lost Loot quest step to auto complete (its optional and item spawns are % based)
  • Adding new Images for SMPL3: Lost
  • Removing t2 Communictor from SMPL3: Lost mission
  • Reducing SMPL3 frequency as it was high for experimental testing and balancing loot drops


  • Update many UI elements that could not correctly be translated.
  • Update refrigerator description to no correctly mention that it only greatly slows spoilage.
  • Update incendiary round description to not mention explosions.
  • Update fruit salad flavor text to mention that it's a dessert rather than a desert.
  • WATERFALL: Update mission step to mention supply crate rather than dropship
  • Fixed material slots on Stone Statue DMs
  • Fixed a typo in Quests table
  • Fix Titanium 200, 500, 5,000 Accolades all unlock at 1000 mined
  • Prevent pre-chewed corpses from providing rewards that would otherwise only be available with specific stats
  • Adding in more quest cleanup logic for dynamic drop pods
  • Search Areas, Map Icons and dynamic drop pods will now trigger a clean up when a new mission is started, abandoned or ended

ICARUS Week 74 Update is available on PC.

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