Crossout: Take Control of the Battlefield in Spring Mayhem Event

Spring Mayhem Event
Spring Mayhem Event Targem Games

There’s an ongoing event in Crossout that players can participate in. The Spring Mayhem will have two teams battle it out using pre-built armored vehicles. Special maps have been hand-picked specifically for this event, including Tank Range, River Lighthouse, and the new Desolate Town map.

Before the battle begins, players are given enough time to select a blueprint of the armored car they want to use. These are the five blueprints that fit different roles:

  • Scout
  • Tank
  • Sniper
  • Artillerist
  • Helicopter

Although it is possible for multiple people to select the same blueprints, it has a limit of no more than three. For example, a single team can only have up to three artillerists.

Furthermore, respawn is enabled in Spring Mayhem and each time a player is resurrected, they can choose another armored vehicle if they want to. Failure to pick one before the allotted time will prompt the system to issue the same vehicle.

The teams must do their best to control as many bases as possible because this can factor in the point calculation. Every time an enemy vehicle gets destroyed, the team receives one point plus the number of bases controlled at the time of destruction.

The main goal is to outscore the enemy team by at least five points. The team that scores 50 points with at least a five-point gap wins. If a team scores 50 or the time is up but the gap of five points between the teams is not reached, the match extends for several minutes. When the extra time ends and that condition is still unmet, the game ends in a draw.

Of course, when the other team is decimated and the winning group accumulates 100 points, then the battle ends in a swift fashion.

The Crossout Spring Mayhem event is now live and will last until May 14.

  • Updated models and animations of the “Icarus IV” and “Icarus VII” hovers.
  • Now the combat.log file is updated only after the battle is over.
  • Improved the visual effects when firing energy weapons, reduced their intensity.
  • Optimized firing effects of machine guns, autocannons, shotguns, and miniguns.
  • Speeded up the loading time of cars for the preview in the exhibition list.
  • Improved visual effects of destroyed vehicles (wreckages).
  • Now parts of the wreckage have less durability by default, and the explosive parts left on it can no longer be blown up.
  • Now the appearance of allied and enemy fire puddles is different.
  • Improved the effect of the flying grenades fired by the “Retcher.”
  • Now extra CK can be used as consumables when recycling dyes.
  • A number of outdated missions have been removed from the game, so the number of played played in the missions in your profile may change.

So, are you going to partake in the Spring Mayhem event in Crossout?

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