ICARUS: Week 16 Content Update Makes Changes to the Temperature System

Scorched and Frozen Update
Scorched and Frozen Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

In what the ICARUS developers call the Scorched and Frozen update, various improvements have been done to the temperature system, making it more dynamic and responsive than before.

The things you consume and the armors you wear now have a direct impact on your body temperature. For instance, if you’re in a place of extreme heat for extended periods, you can suffer from heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Using the newly added Cooling Bandage can save you from intense heat. You’ll also notice some new graphical cues, like getting out of water will now keep your character visibly wet for 30 seconds.

Aside from that, devs added the scorpion - a new territorial creature with a poisonous barbed tail and sharp pincers that threatens anyone near it. There is a new mission as well that requires you to recover a bio container located in a place inhabited by the arachnid.

For feature improvements, there is now an indicator that tells you whether the Solo Talent tree is active or not. The flashlight can also be placed in the light slot, saving you some extra space in your main inventory.


  • Added new Mission Concealment: Recovery
  • Added new Scorpion Creature
  • Added new Heatstroke and Heat Exhaustion Modifiers
  • Temperature Changes Balance:
    • Modified Biome Temperature Curves
    • Modified how Temperature Resistances Work
    • Reworking and Rebalancing Player Cold and Heat Resistances
  • Added concept of Armor Insulation
  • Updated UI to reflect Temperature Changes
  • Rebalanced Resistance Values on Armor
  • Modified Speed at which the player's internal temperature can change
  • Players can no longer become fully resistant to temperature or ever have a non-safe region
  • Added Ice Water Thermos recipe (Crafted on Character) to give a much longer cooldown buff
  • Added information to the Dropship tooltip to show who it belongs to
  • Fixed Caveworm Bow requiring Sandworm Scale to repair. Now requires Caveworm Scale
  • Added new materials and textures to the Extractor
  • Improved smoke effects from mission containers to be more visible from further away, giving players a tactical advantage in scouting up high to find and complete objectives
  • Made the Delete Prospect or Outpost button clearer
  • Hydroponic plots now only consume 15 water (instead of the 100 they were at)
  • The "invisible walls" near the desert entrances of The Big Cave are gone

ICARUS Week 16 content update is available on PC.

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