ICARUS: Mounts Have Arrived in Week 42 Update

Week 42 Update
Week 42 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

Mounts are finally available in the survival game ICARUS. Week 42 Update introduces the Moa and Buffalo mounts. They have unique characteristics that will surely benefit you in your prospects.

If you want to get a mount, you first have to find a juvenile buffalo or moa in the wild. They usually come with parents or adults of their kind and you’d have to eliminate them before you can start the taming process.

To domesticate them, you have to prepare a few things: a pen, food trough, an animal bed, and shelter. It takes roughly 15 minutes to tame and raise them to adulthood, and during this time, you have to make sure that their needs are met. After successfully doing all of these, you will have a perfectly rideable mount!

So, which of these mounts should you use on your adventures? Well, the buffalo mount provides you with extra storage as it is the only one that can be equipped with a harness. Not only that, but the buffalo also has a headbutt attack to fend off enemies.

The moa, on the other hand, is more agile and nimble, though these come at the cost of stamina and lack of offensive capabilities. Its speed boost is quite useful as it allows you to get out of sticky situations. Additionally, it would make your prospects on ICARUS far less tedious because you can reach your destination faster than using the buffalo.

Week 42 Update
Week 42 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus


  • Juvenile creatures undergoing the taming process are now valid targets for other NPCs hostile to the player
  • Juvenile animals now use their own custom BTs instead of using existing GOAP behaviors when the taming process starts.
  • Added temporary health bar UI when riding mount
  • Added weight component to mount base, mounts can now affect building stability when standing on pieces
  • Add combat music setup for M creature
  • Buffalo mount is no longer able to mine voxels
  • Added maximum limit of 30 characters for tamed mount name
  • Implement talents for unlocking animal beds, food troughs and saddles.
  • Balance recipes and weight for animal bed, food trough and saddles.
  • Added a new generic NPC recorder component that records AISetup row and survival values
  • A server-wide chat message is now displayed whenever a juvenile undergoing taming is killed
  • Mounts can now drink from water troughs and lakes. Added new water trough item. Removed developer-only feature flag from mount/juvenile-related assets. Mounts will now only search for food in food troughs instead of using the same query as Kea (all containers with food)
  • Added new inventory type
  • Moved saddles to T3 at Advanced Textiles Bench. This slight additional investment will make mounts feel less required by all players.

So, what do you think of the latest update for ICARUS?

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