ICARUS Week 66 Update Adds New Ironclad Mission

Week 66 Update
Week 66 Update Steam

A new mission is now available in the survival game ICARUS called Ironclad. This is introduced in the Week 66 Update, alongside a quality-of-life feature that you might like.

Anyway, the new Ironclad mission tasks you to put up large metal plates in three different locations on the Styx map. This is in preparation for a research station deployment.

As mentioned, the Week 66 update includes a quality-of-life feature and this one lets you recall Orbital Exchange Pods directly from its interface. This should solve the annoying issue where the pods would drop in inaccessible locations.

New Mission Ironclad
New Mission Ironclad Steam

Project Galileo

In a previous post, developers revealed the new content they’re working on for the upcoming major update codenamed Galileo. Right now, the ICARUS dev team has already made a fishing system that lets you use rods, lures, and traps to capture a wide variety of fish.

On top of that, there’s a new UI that lists information pertaining to the fishing system, such as the number of fish caught, quality, and weight. If you’re a completionist, you need to go to the different fishing spots on the map to catch them all.

The developers are planning to spend most of their time perfecting the catching mechanic for the fishing system. Moreover, some fish have already been modeled, skinned, and rigged.

More information will be disclosed about project Galileo in two to three months, so be sure to come back if you want to learn more.


  • Initial mission setup
  • Update mission steps, recipe requirements and objective locations. - Added old quest markers to vision folder
  • Added dialogue events and increased rewards
  • Added quest text when a new pod drop zone has been marked on the map
  • Fixed spawn locations selection
  • Fixed save progress
  • Fixed pod spawn locations.
  • Fixed snap point visuals on reload
  • Fixed mission completion dropping placed plating and not removing map icon.
  • Fixed pod deployment for clients
  • Added and updated mission art
  • Fixed spawn timings
  • Rewrote spawning logic.
  • Updated layered plating drop mesh
  • Improved visual feedback when completing a location
  • Fixed search area not being cleaned up resulting in pod spawning repeatedly
  • Add additional objective complete feedback to sides bravo and charlie
  • Fixed a bug preventing dynamic mission rewards that don't scale to only ever give 1 of the item. - Tweaked some dynamic mission rewards with fixed scaling in mind
  • Fixing geyser reverb being too loud when inside a cave with a geyser near by
  • Fixed grenade effect not cleaning up properly after detonation
  • Added ability for collection steps to complete on partial collection, setup AGRICULTURE: Hydroponics to complete collect step on partial collection
  • DYN: Cache, fixed a bug allowing abandoning the mission to grant XP
  • Permit Use Of Unstuck Button When Mounted
  • Added ability to re-request exotic transport pods
  • Reduced cooldown between exotic transport pod redelivery to 30s from 300s, added slight delay before new pod comes down after sending off current one

ICARUS Week 66 Update is available on PC.

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