ICARUS: Armor Attachments Added in Week 37 Update

Week 37 Update
Week 37 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

The developers of the survival game ICARUS added armor attachments in the Week 37 Update. If you’re clamoring for a way to improve your armor since weapon attachments were introduced in a previous update, this patch will make you happy.

There are 21 armor attachments added in the Week 37 Update for ICARUS. Nine of them are available at the Tier 3 Alteration Bench, while the other 12 are available at Tier 4. Unlike their weapon counterparts, armor attachments are only slotted into specific pieces of gear. Do not worry, you’ll know which attachment can be put in a particular armor type.

Here is a rundown of all the armor attachments introduced in this patch:

  • Supplemental Respiration Attachment
  • Storm Visor Attachment
  • Supplemental Filtration Attachment
  • Calibrated Grip Attachment
  • Aerodynamic Attachment
  • Rubberized Attachment
  • Noise Suppression Attachment
  • Pockets Attachment
  • Plating Attachment
  • Tracking Attachment
  • Nutrition Attachment
  • Recovery Attachment
  • Advanced Supplemental Respiration Attachment
  • Advanced Storm Visor Attachment
  • Advanced Supplemental Filtration Attachment
  • Advanced Calibrated Grip Attachment
  • Advanced Aerodynamic Attachment
  • Advanced Rubberized Attachment
  • Advanced Noise Suppression Attachment
  • Advanced Pockets Attachment
  • Advanced Plating Attachment

So, which ones are the best of the bunch? The Storm Visor Attachment is pretty good because it increases stamina regeneration during a storm by 20% and it increases exposure resistance by 5% as well.

The Aerodynamic Attachment is also good as it increases your climbing speed and swimming speed by 15%. It also reduces stamina consumption when jumping by 15%.

If you’re hunting world bosses in ICARUS, you should use the Tracking Attachment because this allows you to see them on the map. Not only that but it increases your critical damage by 15% as well.

You can read the highlights of this update below:

  • Adding new Gameplay Tags for Different Armor Attachments
  • Added new destructible mesh for T4 Alteration Bench with reduced tri count
  • Adding Tech for Armor, Ranged, and Deployable Attachments
  • Adding Various helper functions to retrieve attachment slots and if items can be attached to others
  • Added smoke to fireplace chimneys while the fireplace is active
  • Adding Stat for Pneumonia Resistance, which reduces the Affliction Chance from the Underground Modifiers
  • Rebalanced talent changes for more streamlined decision-making, with investments in the same talent being more worthwhile. Changed crossbow innate effect to attacks cause slow, instead of pinning, this is a longer lasting effect that will provide a more consistent bonus
  • Fix a couple of issues that were causing some dialogue audio and subtitles to play twice or more in a row for clients
  • Doubled Vapor Condenser inventory capacity to ensure rewards are not limited by inventory availability
  • Disabling unused Outpost/Map content from the game to reduce the game size and build times

You can find the full patch notes on Steam.

ICARUS Week 37 Update is available on PC.

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