ICARUS: The Black Wolf Boss Now Terrorizes Players in Week 34 Update

Week 34 Update
Week 34 Update Twitter/@SurviveIcarus

There’s a new apex predator in ICARUS called the Black Wolf featured in the Week 34 Update. A new extermination mission has also been added that will introduce players to this terrifying beast.

The new Black Wolf world boss is said to be living on the surface of Styx. However, this apex predator may migrate to other areas, such as Olympus’ arctic and forest biomes.

Players who want to kill the Black Wolf must get the new mission called LUPINE: Extermination to get started. While the mission details don’t provide exact information on the whereabouts of this world boss, players will know if they’re close to the Black Wolf’s den if they see swarms of wolves around the area.

What makes the Black Wolf terrifying is that it’s able to inflict hemorrhaging wounds due to its powerful jaw and razor-sharp teeth. This deals damage over time, and more damage is dealt when the affected player is moving - a first in ICARUS . Dodging the world boss’ attacks, therefore, can be quite challenging with this new condition. Players who are planning to slay this beast must plan their attacks accordingly. Otherwise, they will get wiped off the face of the planet.

Completing the LUPINE: Extermination mission gives players access to two blueprints, which utilize the resources gathered from the boss’ carcass. The Black Wolf Knife can cause hemorrhaging to targets unfortunate enough to be wounded by this weapon. It also provides a 175% yield when used for skinning.

The Black Wolf Arrow can inflict the hemorrhaging perk as well, with a 100% success rate. The only weakness about this arrow is that it has a higher chance of breaking on impact. Still, it is a perfect addition to the arsenal, especially for those who love using bows.


  • Alpha Wolf World Boss followers no longer spawn once the boss is killed. Alpha Wolf Dens now limit possible follower spawn locations to nearby dens only (75m) instead of all den locations
  • Adding Stats and Setup for Minor Hemorrhage Modifier so it can be applied on attacks like the normal Hemorrhage modifier
  • Adjusting the close layer of the wolf howl on follower summon to be more appropriate for the event
  • Having too many buffs active at once pushes your character to the side in the inventory screen
  • Adjustments to the cave reverb/delay. Making it more prominent while you are entering the cave and lower level details now have more cave vibe
  • Fix fillable deployables not being emptied when destroyed by their floor being removed
  • Fixed issue where all stackable items could duplicate an unlimited amount of time, ensure slot is refreshed to sync BP variables when all slots are filled

ICARUS Week 34 Update is available on PC.

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