ICARUS: Week 35 Update Allows Players to Craft Attachments to Boost Their Equipment

Week 35 Update
Week 35 Update Steam

Players are now able to improve their gears by crafting new attachments introduced in the Week 35 Update for ICARUS.

Two new attachment benches can be found in the Blueprint tree. These are Tier 3 Alteration Bench and Tier 4 Advanced Alteration Bench. Each bench has two sides; the left side is where players craft their attachments, and the right side is where they can apply or remove these attachments from their equipment. This design allows players to do two completely different things simultaneously, which is quite helpful considering that it takes three minutes to place an attachment on a piece of gear.

Currently, there are 25 attachments in total. Here are the basic ones that can be crafted in the Tier 3 Alteration Bench:

  • Melee Damage Attachment
  • Attack Speed Attachment
  • Prime Meat Attachment
  • Leather Attachment
  • Carcass Harvesting Attachment
  • Felling Attachment
  • Gold Attachment
  • Copper Attachment
  • Platinum Attachment
  • Reaping Attachment
  • Titanium Attachment

The upgraded versions are made at the Tier 4 Advanced Alteration Bench. Additionally, players can craft and equip three special attachments on the same bench. These are:

  • Bleed Attachment
  • Poison Attachment
  • Electroshock Attachment

Attachments in ICARUS provide players with different buffs depending on which one is applied. For instance, the Advanced Melee Damage Attachment grants 20% melee damage when attached to an appropriate item.

Those who want to rely on damage over time may want to invest in special attachments. The Bleed Attachment, for example, empowers the player’s attack to have a 40% chance to cause bleed on hit, in addition to a slight boost in melee damage.

It is important to note that only Tier 2 to Tier 4 crafted melee weapons and tools can be customized at the moment. Also, only one attachment can be applied at a time.

Bleed Attachment
Bleed Attachment Steam

Below are some of the other changes in the Week 35 Update:

  • The Item Attachment Slot UI now only shows on items with attachment slots and not for ranged weapons with ammo equipped like it was
  • Added item names and descriptions for attachments
  • Adding new Attachment for Titanium Yield
  • Preventing Ranged Weapons from being placeable in the attachment bench for now
  • Voxel mesh data is now saved to file rather than being fetched from the mesh at runtime and changed these meshes to not be CPU accessible anymore. This helps our dedicated server as well as improves mining performance and memory usage
  • Fixing issue where Ammo that was readied in bows would not save its custom stats and alterations when reloading the game. This is now fixed and custom-crafted arrows will now retain their properties
  • Fixed critical hit error when non-player entities fire projectiles

ICARUS Week 35 Update is available on PC.

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