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Hyper Scape went live on PC immediately after Ubisoft's Ubisoft Forward event. Although the game was announced a little over a week ago, Hyper Scape is now in the open beta phase. The game has continued to gather a lot of attention due to its unique uncommon urban setting and atmosphere that isn't seen in other popular Battle Royale games.

Shortly after the game show, Ubisoft posted the trailer for Hyper Scape, and from the looks of it one can easily tell that there is a lot that is going on in this game. However, the main emphasis is on the run and gun playstyle.

In Hyper Scape, you won't be opening crates to loot for weapons and attachments, as any weapons you find will already come with preinstalled attachments. Finding a duplicate weapon will increase the power and efficiency of the weapon you are wielding. Additionally, the characters will also be able to find abilities scattered throughout the map. This means any character can switch abilities on the fly if they happen to come across a new one. This dynamic removes the somewhat sluggish pace that's seen in most Battle Royale games where players wait until they find the best weapons, attachments, armor, and healing items before heading into a fight.

Ubisoft also released a cinematic trailer for Hyper Scape that explores the story of the game. Hyper Scape is a virtual reality world that people use to escape the grim reality of the real world in 2054. However, this virtual world holds many dark secrets that have to be discovered and uncovered as one continues to play.

Hyper Scape is currently live on PC. You can download the game through Uplay for free.

Have you tried Hyper Scape already? What's your take on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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