How The New Overwatch Event Makes Skin Selection Important

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Blizzard is bringing a new element to skin selection in Overwatch.
Blizzard is bringing a new element to skin selection in Overwatch. Blizzard Entertainment

It seems Overwatch League is trying to pit fans against each other to find the most loyal fanbase.

Starting May 27,and running until May 31, fans can equip an Overwatch League team hero skin and join Competitive or Quick Play matches. Each match a player completes will earn one point for the team they are representing. The winning team gets to take over the OWL Instagram account for bragging rights.

Blizzard will reportedly announce the winning team come June 3. Basically, it somehow works akin to Splatoon’s very own Splatfests. The event, in particular, ties team colors to surveys.

The studio said that for the point to be registered, players will have to complete a match in the game. Otherwise, the skin selection will go to waste. And yes, this includes overtime matches. If there is a need to switch to a different hero, it is possible as long as a team skin is worn at some point during the match.

Selecting either Home or Away skin does not matter. Another way to contribute points is to go to Twitter and tweet with the #MyOWLTeam hashtag. Players need to tag their go-to team in their tweets to score points.

Blizzard has already confirmed that the stage three of the Overwatch League will commence on June 6. However, the studio has declined to offer further details about what it will entail.

The team skin selection is currently being run in the middle of the Overwatch Anniversary Event, which ends on June 10. As expected from all anniversary events in the game, the third one added a deluge of new skins, including rotating brawls and other cosmetics.

In related news, Overwatch is finally allowing players to rewatch their matches from any angle they want. Right now, the feature is still in the PTR test server on PC. Blizzard said that it should arrive soon to consoles. The feature gives players the ability to rewatch their ten most recent matches. It is worth noting, though, that replays will reset whenever a new patch arrives.

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