Overwatch Voice Line-Themed Merch Revealed

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Overwatch: Ashe
Overwatch: Ashe Blizzard

Apart from introducing the Overwatch third anniversary every, Blizzard Entertainment has dropped a new voice-line-themed line of clothing. It reportedly features at least seven of the most iconic hero voice lines.

The studio made the announcement via the game’s official Twitter page. The new line of merchandise showcases designs from seven of the game’s heroes, namely, D.Va, Junkrat, Mercy, Mei, Reaper, Reinhardt, and Soldier: 76.

Each of these designs features unique voice lines of heroes in Overwatch. Reaper’s design, for example, is made out of in-game quotes, such as “You look like you’ve seen a ghost” and “Vengeance shall be mine.”

Two hoodies featuring the Talon operative and D.Va are the most expensive items in the set. They are currently priced at $45, followed by Reinhardt and Soldier: 76’s long sleeve shirts, both of which are priced at $35.

With the new merchandise line introduced by Blizzard, there are various types of short-sleeve shirts priced at $25. They include regular men’s t-shirts and the catchy women’s style. For interested fans, they can head over the official online store of Blizzard to do a little shopping.

In related news, Uniqlo has announced its recent partnership with Blizzard Entertainment. The popular apparel brand is expected to release a handful of new merchandise in a joint project with the studio.

The clothing brand will introduce a new collection of themed graphics t-shirts with designs from Hearthstone and Overwatch, among other Blizzard titles. These shirt designs range from simple logos to more detailed designs from the studio’s library of video game titles.

Each t-shirt can be bought for $14.90. Uniqlo said that it will release this line of merchandise at its physical and online stores come June 17, although the release is only official in the United States for now. Currently, fans in Europe can not purchase these items.

Uniqlo is known for its video game collaborations. In the past, it worked alongside Capcom for delivering Street Fighter-themed merchandise. The clothing retailer also collaborated with Nintendo in creating Splatoon-related gear.

The new anniversary event in Overwatch has just kicked off, bringing a deluge of modes and cosmetics. Read more about the Overwatch event here.

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