Overwatch Guide: How To Play Roadhog Like A Pro

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A quick guide to one of the most interesting characters in Overwatch.
A quick guide to one of the most interesting characters in Overwatch. Overwatch Official Website

When it comes to being a renowned brute and killer, no one does it quite like like Roadhog. The Australian bruiser is definitely a favorite in Overwatch, although most players do not understand how he should be played.

Roadhog’s massive stature and aggressiveness make him a devastating tank, while also having the ability to wipe out his enemies. A character that boasts 600 health points and a hook and scrap gun combo, Junkrat’s buddy is without a doubt a force to reckoned with.

So, without further ado, let’s take a dive at how you should play Roadhog like a pro.

Overwatch Hero Guide: Roadhog

The Overwatch hero offers a damage output that is akin to most DPS in the games. This alone makes him a difficult guy to battle face to face. When played correctly, the character can instantly wreak havoc.

Let’s start with his primary weapon, the Scrap Gun. The weapon offers a shotgun blast of 25 pellets per shot. Considering the fact that it has a two-second reload time, it is imperative that your shots do maximum damage. Otherwise, they will not be worth it.

The character’s secondary fire somehow works in a similar way as his primary. But instead of spreading pellets a quick manner, it rather shoots a large ball of shrapnel that detonates and turns into a projectile. This gives Roadhog an advantage if he is unable to close the gap between him and his enemies. But perhaps the most interesting use of his secondary fire is spamming and breaking shields. If your team is up against the likes of Reinhardt and Zarya, it is best to break these heroes’ shields using Roadhog’s secondary fire.

It is worth noting, though, that Roadhog’s essence in the battlefield totally relies on his primary and secondary fires. As such, you want to use them at the right time in order to maximize his potential.

Moving forward, Roadhog’s go-to ability in Overwatch is none other than his Chain Hook. The mechanics are pretty straightforward. Clicking the button unleashes the hook, and it can reach enemies up to 20 meters away. If caught, Roadhog can pull an enemy towards him and inject pain. This is definitely an advantage for him and his teammates. In most cases, a 200 health target can be taken down by a hook and primary fire combo.

Perfecting Roadhog’s hook is not an easy thing to do. But with practice, it should help you along the way. Keep in mind as well that it is important to pull a target that you or your team want to deal with. For instance, pulling a support character like Zenyatta is a good opportunity to give your team the upper hand in a fight. But if you hook a nano-boosted Reinhardt or D.Va’s bomb, trouble will certainly find its way to you.

Next in the list is Take A Breather, which is what makes the character so hard to kill. It allows Roadhog to go in and out of the battlefield without minding his current health. As you may already know, the skill restores 300 health points and Roadhog takes 50 percent less damage during the ability's activation. It is so vital that it lets Roadhog survive a D.Va bomb, though that is something you really should avoid anyway.

Last but not least is his ultimate, called the Whole Hog. The skill, when activated, does not allow the hero to activate any other abilities or even control himself very well. It is basically an uncontrollable torrent of damage. All you can do is point the ultimate towards the enemy team. To make sure you can inflict the biggest damage, you should position yourself up close. The ability can deliver a massive blow, and heroes with 200 health points or below can instantly die. Also, the skill can knock targets back. It is a good skill to use if you see an enemy near an edge, pushing him to his demise.

Roadhog is a killing machine in Overwatch. He is equipped with skills ready to take any enemy in the game. However, his efficiency in the battlefield totally relies on proper positioning and decision-making.

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