How To Get Good With Techies In Dota 2

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An underrated hero in DotA 2, Techies have what it takes to completely change the tide of battle.
An underrated hero in DotA 2, Techies have what it takes to completely change the tide of battle. Valve

Techies (composed of Squee, Spleen, and Spoon) are arguably among the most underrated heroes in Dota 2. Most players tend to take them for granted, especially when it comes to winning lanes and defending towers. Truth is, Techies are very rewarding heroes to play. Their mines will give you and your team the space needed to farm gold, while their ultimate will surely devour any trespasser.

But much like any hero in the game, the impact from Techies completely relies on the player controlling them. That is exactly what this guide is for – you will learn how to use the hero the right way. So, without further ado, here are some tips on how to get good with Techies.

Bully Enemies With Suicide

Techies’ Suicide ability can give you and your team the upper hand in the lane. As you may already know, this skill does not only damage enemy heroes, it also silences them. You can definitely do this all day, but make sure you have an item like Tranquil Boots to obtain good health regeneration. Also, you can use Suicide to kill creeps in a single command. Just make sure you are not playing alongside a carry, as you do not want to take his creeps away from him.

Proximity Mines and Stasis Trap Combo

Proximity Mines can really deal huge damage, but they are actually easy to counter. That is because when you are near one, a warning sound tends to appear. You can either destroy it or move away from it. So, if you are playing Techies, you want enemies to never have the chance to get away from your mines. And your best course of action is to level up the hero’s Stasis Trap and plant one. This will root enemies who come near, although the skill does not necessarily trigger on invulnerable, invisible, or spell-immune units.

A good set up is to fill an area with Proximity Mines and a Stasis Trap. If an enemy hero finds his way to this area, he is likely to be damaged and/or killed. If not, you and your teammates will have the change to chase him down for a kill.

The Minefield Sign Trick

Let me just put this one right here, as I have seen how this can work from time to time. This skill is innate; meaning, it cannot be learned or leveled. That said, most players are still likely to be fooled by this trick. You can put a Minefield Sign in the bottom lane. While this does not really work 100%, (as I have mentioned) many players are so gullible they immediately think a set of Remote Mines have been planted. As such, they hesitate in pushing the lane.

Of course, once you have bought an Aghanim’s Scepter, the skill gets upgraded and can be used to hide all of Techies’ Remote Mines. No amount of blue wards or gems can unravel these mines once Techies place the sign.

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