How To Fly In Apex Legends Using Crypto And Pathfinder

All you need is Crypto's Aerial Drone and Pathfinder's Grappling Hook.
All you need is Crypto's Aerial Drone and Pathfinder's Grappling Hook. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have found a clever way to fly up into the air and it involves the combined use of Crypto and Pathfinder’s abilities. The hacker Crypto is the latest addition to the Legends lineup in Apex Legends and comes with an aerial drone which Pathfinder can attach his grappling hook onto so he can just swing up into the air like Spider-Man (if the superhero was a robot, of course).

Twitch streamers Nicewigg and taxi2g showed the Apex Legends community how Pathfinder has the ability to latch his grappling hook onto Crypto's Aerial Drone. From there, he can just start careening through the air with ease. Players have also found out that they can actually stay airborne and even swing around the map. These discoveries have eventually led to some of the funniest, yet surprisingly effective, tactical approaches in matches.

In the footage, Nicewigg can be seen using the technique in order to fly through the air. He then swings Pathfinder straight onto a roof so he can swiftly take out a member of an enemy team.

It remains to be seen whether this neat flying trick was intentionally performed. However, there is no doubt that this is not the first time fans and players have discovered a deluge of inventive ways to use Legends’ abilities in obtaining the upper hand in matches.

Sometime in April, players found out that using a glitch with Gibraltar's shield was possible in order to bounce from one point to another around the map. Considering it was a glitch, the developers fixed it eventually. Apparently, though, it is unclear if Respwan really intended for Pathfinder to easily latch onto the Aerial Drone. If not, then it is likely to be removed in a future update.

Crypto was a long rumored addition to the Legends roster following a good number of teasers for the character. As a matter of fact, he even made made an appearance in-game ahead of Apex Legends Season 3. After the hacker was officially confirmed by Respawn to be a new character in Apex Legends, it seems he is already starting to make his mark in the game.

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