Apex Legends Makes Changes To Hop-Ups, Wants More Long-Range Battles

Changes coming to hop-ups.
Changes coming to hop-ups. Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends released an update that makes some changes to Hop-ups. Respawn Entertainment revealed that it intends to rotate hop-ups in the future and this new update has introduced two new ones. For weapons, the changes are meant to encourage more long-range fights.

For those not familiar, Hop-Up attachments are special uncommon weapon attachments that offer a large impact on the performance of the weapon. Weapons can only be equipped with one Hop-Up at a time.

Changes were made to hop-ups because according to the design team, the number of them available in the game are as high as they are due to the loot dilution as well as the chances of finding the hop-up players want. In future seasons, hop-ups are going to be removed, with some of them being removed from the loot pool in order to give room for new or even returning ones.

For Season 3, these are the changes coming to hop-ups:

    • Disruptor Rounds
    • Skullpiercer Rifling
      • Wingman
        • Previous: 2.0 base / 2.25 with Skullpiercer.
        • Now: 2.15 base.
      • DMR
        • Previous: 2.0 base / 2.5 with Skullpiercer.
        • Now: 2.15 base.
      • The base headshot damage multipliers of the DMR and Wingman have been increased slightly.
  • NEW
    • Anvil Receiver
      • Attaches to: Flatline and R-301.
      • Rarity: level 4 (gold).
      • Empowers semi-auto mode
        • Offers highly increased damage
        • Reduced rate of fire
        • Double ammo per shot.
    • Double Tap Trigger
      • Attaches to: G7 Scout and EVA-8 Auto.
      • Rarity: level 3 (purple).
      • Makes each trigger pull fire a quick two round burst.


For weapon changes, the Design Team wanted Season 3 to have more long-range gunfights. This also meant lowering the power on weapons that have been dominating games lately. Changes include:

  • R-99
    • Base mag size reduction
      • Before: 18/22/26/30
      • After: 18/20/23/27
    • Added some recoil randomness to patterns.
  • PDW Prowler
    • Added some slight recoil randomness while maintaining the same pattern when fired in full-auto mode.
  • Longbow DMR
    • Reduced rate of fire
      • 1.6 -> 1.3
    • Reduced leg damage multiplier
      • 0.9 -> 0.8
  • G7 Scout
    • Increased base damage
      • 30 -> 34
  • Hemlok
    • Increased base damage
      • 18 -> 22
    • Slight decrease to rate of fire to both fire modes.
  • Mozambique
    • Decreased pattern spread
    • Mozambique will now reset from recoil faster, which should make it easier to track targets and see where shots land.
  • L-STAR
    • Substantial reduction to horizontal recoil.
    • Now comes equipped with 1x Digital Threat optic.
    • Reduced damage
      • 21 -> 19

For the Legends, the new update makes changes to the Executioner Perk. The Gold Armor "Executioner" perk in the past gave a full shield recharge when a player succesfully completed a finisher. For Season 3, all Legends are going to have this perk regardless of whether they have the Gold Armor equipped or not. However, Gold Armor now has a Guardian Angel perk. This perk allows you to revive downed teammates with bonus health and if they have armor, give bonus shields.

You can view all changes here.

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