How To Be A Famous Instagram Gamer

How To Be A Famous Instagram Gamer
How To Be A Famous Instagram Gamer Pixabay

There are no shortages of extraordinary gamers in our world. I, for one, have seen quite a number of them – players who, within a matter of minutes, beat the hardest known levels in some of the world’s fiercest video games. The only reason why the world doesn’t celebrate too many of them is because we don’t even know about their existence.

Such a pity!

Many of them just sit in their condo – where they brush aside their friends and the friends of their friends – and are more than too happy with the “local champion” tag.

Are you one such gamer? Wouldn't you like to become a world-famous gamer?

If so, you’ll be intrigued to know that Instagram can help you. With over one billion monthly users, to be Instagram famous is to be world-famous.

But what can you do to become Instagram famous?

Let’s find out!

Screen record your accomplishments and post them

Normally, there are two ways you can do this. Firstly, you can record your gameplay while playing and post your accomplishments later. Or you can use the Instagram live feature to share live performances. Either way, just ensure that the screen recording is clear and audible enough because Instagrammers don't really fancy soundless content.

With your live videos, you’ll be providing your audience with the proof they need to believe that it is really you doing the amazing wonders they’ve been watching and not a bot. Instagrammers doubt a lot, so you might need to do a lot of live videos – where they can see, hear you talking – to convince them of your gaming forte.

Get the word out about your gaming exploits

Screen recording your gaming exploits is just half the job; you need to find a way to ensure that your posts reach the right audience. Remember, no one is on Instagram to find out about you. If you want them to know about your exploits and how good you really are, you need to find a way to bring your content into their feeds.

Naturally, the best way to do this is by buying Instagram followers. This will help you automatically share your screen records with hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the world.

The best part!

Why it makes sense to buy Instagram followers – especially from a service provider like Stormlikes – is because you’ll be getting real and relevant Instagrammers for followers – people that really like what you do. Unlike when you sit around waiting for random people to follow you!

Engage with gaming influencers on Instagram

There are those who have already made names for themselves on Instagram – gamers who, after a long time on the platform, have amassed a great deal of following. By following these people and engaging with their posts (likes, comments, shares), you’ll be doing your own profile a lot of good.

For example, let’s say a gaming influencer posts a recent feat they achieved in GTA V on their timeline. You can comment on this post, with a hint about how you’ve done a similar thing before and tell viewers to check your bio to see for themselves.

Not that you’re trying to brag or compete with the influencer, but you’re simply using their already established profile to inform others about your skills.

You get the gist?

Challenge Instagrammers

The beauty of video gaming is that there is always room to compete with others. And thanks to the various digital consoles and tools we have today, players don't even have to be in the same place to play against one another.

Perhaps once in a while or when a new game has just been launched, or when there’s a growing buzz about the difficulty of a particular game, call people out on Instagram to challenge them. This can be the so-called famous IG gamers, random Instagrammers, or a fraction of your followers.

There is nothing people love more than a chance to prove their skills. As such, you can expect lots of people to take up your challenges. To make it more fun and rewarding for your profile, you can make it a live contest so that everyone can bear witness to your gaming skills.

Extend your reach with gaming hashtags

One of the beautiful things about Instagram is that you can always use hashtags to reach people that don’t yet know about you. By researching and knowing about all the possible gaming hashtags that are there, you’ll be equipping yourself with the right tools needed to reach those that don’t yet follow you. While bought Instagram followers will see your gaming exploits in their feeds, Instagram searchers (people that search randomly for things) won’t.

But you can make them by adding relevant hashtags to your posts! A very good tip for your gaming hashtagging endeavor is to use the console & equipment’s hashtag you use. For example, #Xboxone, #Nintendo, #FIFA, #Playstation, etc.

Get creative with IG stories

IG stories are there to help you capture the attention of people as they enter the app. Unlike a regular post that sinks into the bottom feed with time, Instagram stories maintain their position at the very top bar of the app for 24 hours.

With the stories feature, you can share your daily accomplishments, latest news in the gaming industry, and other exciting content you think people will like to click on.

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