House Flipper Welcomes Pets in Newest DLC

Bring a some joy.
Bring a some joy. Frozen Way

What’s a good way of bringing happiness into the house? How about adding pets to the mix? Everyone is invited to start a new journey with the new Pets DLC on House Flipper. Right now, it’s being offered at 10% off on Steam until May 20.

With the Pets DLC, players no longer need to be alone since they can now adopt an animal friend. They can select from 10 of the most popular breeds of dogs and cats. Each one has different personalities and traits. Those who want something smaller can choose a rabbit or even guinea pig.

Don’t like the furry ones? Select from the likes of snakes, iguanas, and spiders.

New Mechanics

In addition to pets, the new DLC also introduces new painting and sticker mechanics. These let players hang and stick custom images inside their properties. Players can also install an extra set of stairs to reach the attic. Plus, the new colorful lightbulb chains to light up the house.

In a statement, developer Frozen Way revealed that players can also expect to see extensive changes to the base game. In fact, players should be happy that two of the community’s long-awaited mechanics are now available. The first is that everyone can now paint and tile ceilings. Second is that it’s now possible to add and change the position of the exterior doors.

Here are the other features of the new Pets DLC:

  • Be ready for the upcoming challenges with 11 new jobs.
  • Enjoy a unique design with all 11 brand-new ranch-style houses.
  • Experience flipping in a new countryside environment.
  • More than 700 new items were added to make the interior warm and cozy.

House Flipper offers players the unique chance to be a one-man renovation crew. Go out and buy, repair, and remodel devastated houses. After that, give those houses a second life and sell them at a profit. One important thing to remember is to work smart, not hard. So, trust the tools and face the renovation head-on. Using the tools will give players experience, which can then be used for upgrading tools and polishing skills. The game is available on PC through Steam.

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