Horizon Zero Dawn's PC Issues Finally Addressed By Guerrilla Games

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Horizon Zero Dawn
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Horizon Zero Dawn's release on PC hasn't been as smooth as we would have liked. In the current state, the game is horribly optimized, causes lags, and crashes on a sizable section of machines. Developer Guerrilla Games quickly addressed the complaints on Steam by saying that the team is aware of these issues and is working on a fix, which should release soon.

The developer took to Twitter to announce that Horizon Zero Dawn will be receiving its first major PC update, which intends to fix several issues with the game. However, Guerrilla Games hasn't revealed when the update will release, further disappointing fans. But, it seems that delivering an update that fixes the majority of the issues that PC players are experiencing will require some work and testing.

"We're still working hard to address the issues with Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for PC that have affected some of you since launch," Guerrilla Games said in the tweet. "We'll update you as soon as we can share more information - thanks again for your continued patience and understanding!"

If you're unaware of the issues that PC players are facing with Horizon Zero Dawn, several players have reported crashes during gameplay and cutscenes. A Twitter user also commented that the game would crash every five to 10 minutes, making it practically unplayable. Another Twitter user said that they experienced 13 crashes in 12 hours of gameplay. The user also remarked that the game is beautiful despite the current flaws. Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla's first-ever PC port and, naturally, we did expect some setbacks, but the developer's commitment to fixing these issues is appreciable.

Meanwhile, Guerrilla is also working on the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, for the PlayStation 5. From the looks of it, Horizon Forbidden West seems to expand upon its predecessor, offering an expansive open world to explore, new creatures to battle, and a continuation to the gripping narrative.

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