Honkai: Star Rail Upcoming Update Arriving June 7

Get ready for a whole lot of new content. HoYoverse

A new update is launching to Honkai: Star Rail this June 7. Version 1.1 or Galactic Roaming introduces three new playable characters, new companion missions, updated gameplay features, and of course, limited-time events.

The New Characters

  • Silver Wolf
    • A super genius hacker within the Stellaron Hunters capable of breaking through all defense systems as easy as pie.
    • She is a Quantum-Type character who follows the Path of Nihility and can apply various debuff to enemies to improve the combat advantage of her allies.
    • Outside of combat, her technique remains useful since she can deal damage and lower the toughness of the enemy regardless of their weakness.
    • When she releases her ultimate, she bashes enemies and gains the upper hand for the team by dealing damage to the enemies as well as reducing their defense.
  • Luocha
    • A wandering merchant showing an elegant look along with a gentlemanly demeanor.
    • However, he sometimes looks suspicious due to carrying a mysterious coffin all the time.
    • As an Imaginary-Type character who follows the Path of Abundance and a man with medical knowledge, he is a master of recuperation.
    • His unique skill lets him do "emergency healing" when any ally is in danger and it does not consume any skill points.
    • His ultimate is known as "Death Wish" which dispels one buff from all enemies and deals Imaginary damage.
  • Yukong
    • A Sky-Faring Helm Master who oversees all matters related to flight, including commerce, cargo, and passengers of Xianzhou Luofu.
    • As an Imaginary-Type character who follows the Path of Harmony, her skill set focuses on assisting companions.
    • Her days on the front lines may be over but her battle mindset and instinct don't fade away.

New Events

The new update invites players to be part of new and cool events. The first is the "Starhunt Game" event where they receive an invitation from Leonard, the network security engineer of the Herta Space Station. He needs help to locate the electronic graffiti hidden across the station and discover the secrets within. As a reward, these graffiti designs can be collected and applied to in-game surfaces.

Meanwhile, the "Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities" event asks players to track down clues and recover the lost exhibits of the History Museum. They'll also be asked to look over the business as the museum manager.

Other New Content

Players can also look forward to a series of trials added through Stellar Flare, Garden of Plenty, and Lab Assistants in Position. Some of these are sure to put your strategic thinking and combat techniques to the test. The good news is that there are bountiful rewards waiting for you.

Moreover, three new Companion Missions, which give everyone the chance to get in-depth stories of intriguing characters, are added as well. Plus, several useful functional features have been implemented like friend chat and automatic enemy pinpointing.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on PC via Epic Games Store, Android, and iOS. A version for PlayStation is currently in development.

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