See the Details of Hitman 3 Season of Pride

Bring out your pride.
Bring out your pride. IO Interactive

Just in case you didn't know, the Season of Pride of Hitman 3 started yesterday. However, not much detail was revealed except for an update related to this event. Today, we give you the rundown of what this new season has to offer.

Act 2: Pride is part of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC and takes players deeper into the mind of Agent 47. Like the previous season, this one features unique new gear and items including The Proud Swashbuckler, The Majestic, and the Narcissus Suit.

For this new season, players need to hurdle different challenges depending on the choices they make.

This Week’s Activities

Let’s start things with The Sebastian Principle. This is pretty much a sort of “bonus” escalation and serves as a tutorial for players, especially newbies.

This week, two activities are available. The first is the Elusive Target starting May 12. Besides the early start, players are given a longer time to complete it, a total of 12 days. Here, players have to infiltrate Mendoza and eliminate The Iconoclast. For those who managed to update the game, there should be a countdown clock live in the game that reveals when the target arrives.

The second is the rotation in The Icon as the next location, which everyone can enjoy for a limited period from May 14 to May 23.

A lot of things to do.
A lot of things to do. IO Interactive

Other Activities

For Act 2, two batches of Featured Contracts are available. On May 20, IO Interactive will hand over the reins to Kahlief Adams, who is from the Spawn On Me podcast. Get to experience their interpretation of a Pride-themed contract or three.

For the Escalation, it’s about The Pasqual Consortium. Players need to go to Mendoza, commander Falcon, and eliminate the targets. Don’t worry, since there are no winter soldiers here.

There is a second Location Rotation, Paris, and it’s available from May 28 to June 6. The second Elusive Target arrives June 4 and is still in Paris where players must hunt for the Black Hat Hacker. Since this overlaps with the second Location Rotation, Hitman 3 owners and Free Starter Pack players can experience it.

Just in case we haven’t mentioned it, Act 2: Pride started May 10 and will end June 13. Read more about it here.

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