Hitman 3 Season of Pride Begins Today

Watch out for another sin.
Watch out for another sin. IO Interactive

The Season of Greed for Hitman 3 may be over but there’s no time to relax. That’s because the Seven Deadly Sins content continues with Season of Pride and it starts today. This means another five weeks of both new and returning content.

However, to make everything ready for the new season, the team at IO Interactive revealed an accompanying update that brings some fixes and improvements across the board.

The Seven Deadly Sins

This latest offering for Hitman 3 starts back in March with Act 1: Greed. For Act 2: Pride, players go even deeper inside the mind of Agent 47 to learn more about The Pride Profusion Escalation. Like the previous Act, players can expect some items and even a shiny suit.

You can get an idea of what's going to happen in the video below:

Changes to Nintendo Switch

The new update brings some rather interesting changes on Switch. Players should be happy to know about the new toggle that enables the Performance Mode at 720p at 60 FPS in addition to the default 1080p at 30 FPS.

This new update also introduces the Steady Aim feature to the Switch’s L button. That means with the Marksman perk, players not only can improve their aim but even slow time when aiming using a sniper rifle.

Finally, players can now enjoy a 10-minute trial, playable using the Performance Mode, for the opening level Dubai.

Featured Contract Rewards

Today’s update introduces enhancements to the Featured Contracts, particularly on how the rewards challenges are tracked. As a background, when Featured Contracts was first released, the goal was for players to get different milestone rewards. But milestones could be reached by simply repeating the same contract. When it was changed back to what was originally planned, this resulted in some irregularities in the challenge progress.

Here are the changes from the new patch:

  • Those who managed to reach specific milestones before the new patch is released, get to earn the released unlocks.
  • Any uncompleted Featured Contract Reward challenges now accurately show the number of unique Featured Contracts that have been completed.

You can read all the changes that arrived with the new patch here.

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