Hitman 3 Making the Landslide Mission Free Until April 25

Get to enjoy this one for free.
Get to enjoy this one for free. IO Interactive

Hitman 3 announced that the Landslide mission in Sapienza is going to be free to all players. It’s available for those who have the game any trophies and achievements they've earned are theirs to keep permanently. The same is true for any XP or unlocks earned. Don’t take too long to decide, however, since this offer is only valid until April 25.

Even those who have the Hitman 3 – Free Starter Pack can take advantage of the offer. But they only get to keep whatever they earn once they buy the full game.

So what is this mission all about? It takes players to Sapienza where a small concert down by the harbor has gathered locals to listen to a speech. The speech is from none other than Marco Abiatti who’s running for mayor and so far ahead in the polls. Yet this wealthy businessman is far from being clean as one would expect, especially with his ties to the mafia. With this mission, Agent 47 has to make sure that Abiatti doesn’t win and become the mayor.

Free Starter Pack

Developer IO Interactive said that the Free Starter Pack includes the ICA Facility location. In the game, the ICA (International Contract Agency) is in charge of the best hitmen and assassins. Having the facility means that Free Starter Pack owners can access additional content, such as missions, locations, and even Elusive Targets. Though they are rotated in and out at various times.

While Landslide has been added for a limited time, the start of the Season of Greed means Hawke’s Bay will be available soon.

New Studio

IO Interactive announced the opening of a new studio in Barcelona. This is the company's third new studio after Copenhagen and Malmö. IOI Barcelona is going to work as well on the Hitman series, the upcoming Project 007 , and a yet to be announced game. There’s no question that this should be good news to Hitman fans and those excited for the new James Bond video game.

Hitman 3 is the third and final entry in the World of Assassination trilogy. It is, however, the eighth game in the franchise. Released in January of this year, the game has since received positive reviews.

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