Hitman 3 Unveils Everything Happening in February

See what's happening this month.
See what's happening this month. IO Interactive

There was a time when IO Interactive gave updates on what was happening each month for Hitman 2. That stopped when the release of Hitman 3 was nearing. But it looks like we're back when IOI released some Hitman 3 post-launch details for February.

Escalation Contracts

In Escalation Contracts, players need to kill certain targets though it’s not going that easy. It’s because of conditions that they need to meet. The first one actually started yesterday and is titled The Baskerville Barney. Players must know every nook and cranny of the Thornbridge Manor. The objective is to kill the whole Carlisle family but the catch: make the killings look like accidents.

The second is on February 18 and is titled The Sindbad Stringent. For this particular contract, players have to brush up their knife-throwing skills. It’s pretty much PvB or players versus boxes. So what’s in the box? Well, only one way to find out.

Deluxe Escalation

This is pretty much like Escalation but only offered for those who have the Deluxe Edition. There are also two Escalations for this month, both happening on February 23.

In The Proloff Parable, players must board a train in the Carpathian Mountains. Wearing a White Shadow, they need to go through a series of Escalations with White Katana and White Sieger 300 Sniper Rifle. There’s also a time limit so don’t take too long.

For The Gauchito Antiquity, players have to go after a tech-savvy prisoner known as The Guru. Taking him out is the main objective, however, it should be done while the target is suffering from emetic poisoning.

Featured Contracts

Two featured contracts are arriving this month with the first coming on February 11, taking players to Dubai. While no other details were released, the only clue is the involvement of a banana. The second is arriving on February 23 and is located in Dartmoor. In this contract, players should expect to experience some mayhem.

Other Events

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the Elusive Target. It seems that The Deceivers have been spotted in Sapienza and the two must be taken out for the mission to be a success. This one starts on February 26 and can be finished until March 8.

Finally, there’s the Game Update rolling out on February 23.

If you still haven’t bought Hitman 3 , go out and do it. You can buy the game here.

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