Hitman 2 June Roadmap Revealed, Main Theme Is Greed Kills

Hitman 2 June Roadmap
Hitman 2 June Roadmap IO Interactive

IO Interactive revealed the June roadmap for Hitman 2 with the main theme being "Greed Kills." The headline is "The Bank," which is a new sandbox location accessible only for those who have the Expansion Pass.

The Bank is available June 25 and includes a new campaign tilted "Golden Handshake." In this mission, Agent 47 needs to visit an investment bank located in the U.S. Aside from new gameplay experience, players get to have new challenges and even new unlocks.

Aside from the headline event, June offers even more new content for players.

Two new escalation contracts are set to arrive, including:

  • The O'Leary Conflagration
    • Arrives June 13
    • Takes you to Whittleton Creek and tasks you with interfering in the business practices of Helen’s Muffin Kitchen.
    • Expect to deal a great amount of damage through fires (or incinerators!) over the course of each stage.
  • The Unpalatable Termination
    • Arrives June 20
    • Takes you to Miami for three stages of escalation action.
    • The focus here is around Agent 47’s ability with a shotgun.

Expansion Pass owners also get to experience Special Assignments. This is a different type of mission that is exclusive to Expansion Pass holders.

Hitman 2: June Special Assignments
Hitman 2: June Special Assignments IO Interactive
Hitman 2: June Special Assignments
Hitman 2: June Special Assignments IO Interactive

The two missions task Agent 47 with taking out a target of interest in an existing location. The first is "Embrace the Serpent" and is located in Mumbai, with the second one being "Illusions of Grandeur" and set at Santa Fortuna. These two missions happen at a different time of day when compared to the main mission of each location. There are also certain elements in the location that have been modified in order to support the gameplay.

The first event for June is the Legacy Elusive Target titled "The Deceivers." The Guru and The Congressman are back in Sapienza at the same time. Despite having two targets, this is counted as a single contract, and even comes with target bios and a new briefing video. The contract is live in-game for 10 days and players who complete the contrast get one count in terms of progress to unlocking ET suits. Players need to have the Legacy Pack in order to play this new content.

IO also announced that the fourth episode of their monthly livestream returns on June 24. In addition to the usual announcements and reveals, the livestream offers developer insight in relation to the June roadmap. Players can look forward to announcements for the July roadmap as well.

Hitman 2: June Special Assignments
Hitman 2: June Special Assignments IO Interactive
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