Hitman 2 Releases May Update, Outlines Content Plan For June

New challenge packs will be made available as well.
IO Interactive has released the patch notes for the upcoming May update for Hitman 2.
IO Interactive has released the patch notes for the upcoming May update for Hitman 2. IO Interactive

IO Interactive has hit us with the Hitman 2 May Update, which brings about some very big changes.

The May Update, or Game Update 2.30, promises players some bug fixes, ghost mode tweaks, and menu optimizations. This was made available on May 28, and it will be somewhere around 750mb to 1GB in all platforms.

The May Update brings to you a whole lot of solutions for issues most players have encountered while playing the game:

  • For those who own the GOTY Legacy Pack, good news, after finishing the Cheveyo Calibration Escalation, you will be given the Sieger 300 Ghost instead of experiencing disconnection to the server.
  • They’ve also fixed ‘gun-shy guards’ that didn’t engage in combat even though 47 clearly triggered the combat state.
  • The ‘Silent Assassin, Suit Only’ challenge will finally be unlocked for the players who fulfilled the requirements.
  • There are a lot of bug fixes for Mumbai which includes Agent 47 being spotted from below when in the bathroom near Rangan’s office, 47 being able to dump a body through the wall of Neha’s house, NPC’s that could see through the trainyard door, and guards in the trainyard and construction areas suspending their routines.
  • The minimap’s issue wherein the target indicators don’t show up on the minimap when the ‘Minimap NPC Indicators’ is off even though ‘Minimap Target Indicators’ is on has also beem fixed.
  • Completed escalations will be marked with a check in the menu.
  • Lil’ Flashy can now be placed in the hidden stash.
  • NPC’s will not be prevented from detecting Robert Knox’s dead body no matter how you kill him.
  • IO Interactive is proud to say that their ‘#BestFixEver’ is the NPC in Santa Fortuna that sniffs up a poisoned line of cocaine, he will now be taking in effects of the poison instead of the cocaine.
  • You can now interact with the Contracts Search Tile on the Featured Hub. You will no longer be stuck in Hantu Port after skipping the outro video at the end of the mission.

Aside from the massive list of bug fixes listed, IO Interactve has also added some features and made changes to improve the game:

  • Backend changes have been made for the destination pages to make loading times faster.
  • The ICA Electrocution Phone was removed from the explosives category and added to the tools category.
  • ‘Subtitle Size’ and ‘Interaction Prompt Size’ has been added on the initial boot screen.
  • The requirements to unlock the ‘Within Scope’ has been specified and it appears that only a single target must be eliminated.
  • The XP Action text has been adjusted for it to not take too much on-screen space.

The Ghost Mode’s improvements focused mainly on fixing bugs. These include:

  • Prompts and messages will no longer remain on screen after accepting the invite to a match.
  • The bug that activates the inventory and emote menus during the ‘fly-in’ video has also been fixed.
  • The Ghost Crate incorrectly appearing in the cavern on two separate levels in the Columbia Ghost Mode map has also been taken care of.
  • Crashes when accepting invitations will not occur this time around.
  • The description of the Ghost Coin has been changed for clarification. They’ve also fixed the bug that causes the opponent’s image to disappear in the lobby.

There has also been an improvement for PC users. If you’re a PC player and you’ve been bothered by grey and red lines appearing on the inventory and minimap when the ‘searching’ text appears, devs say you won’t be seeing them anymore because they’ve finally fixed the issue.

IO Interactive lets their players know that they’re paying attention to the forums on reddit about the bug reports for Hitman 2. They’ve listed a few remaining elusive bugs, which include:

• Issues with “0x8000000_” crashes.

• Inconsistencies between the SA rating in campaign missions and Contracts Mode.

• Issue with dropping items needed for specific exits in Contracts Mode.

The May Update’s contents will end with that and players should stay tuned for more info on the updates for next month. ‘The Deceivers’ will be pushed back for a June 7 release and the ‘Muffin Man’ Challenge Pack will take place on May 28.

If you haven’t played IO Interactive’s Hitman 2 just yet, you can grab a copy for $59.99. Tell us what you think about this latest update. Are there more issues IO Interactive has yet to fix? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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