Hitman 2: Final Set Of Contracts For 12 Days Of Contracts Now Live

On the 12 days of Christmas...
On the 12 days of Christmas... IO Interactive

If you've been waiting for the Hitman 2's 12 Days of Contracts to be complete, then now is the time. The final set of contracts have been released and are live. For those new to the game, the 12 Days of Contracts is a special version of the Curated Contracts list. It had its beginning from a discussion on the Hitman forums and has since resulted in many content creators sharing their own holiday-themed contracts.

You can read about the first four here and the second set here.

So here's the last four contracts:

  • Ninth Day: Dinner for One
    • Created by: CHAOS_AGENT_45
    • Contract Briefing:
      • According to the creator, this is pretty much like how last year's Miss Washington was selected. So just do your best.
  • Tenth Day: How the ChGrin Stole Christmas
    • Created by: Euler13
    • Contract Briefing:
      • Whittleton Creek has always been Santa's favorite stopping place mainly because of of Helen West’s famous Christmas muffins. However the Ch(ildren)Grin(ders) have been at work and these five evil elves disguised as bin men have lured all the unsuspecting kids into their “magical sleigh ride”, a.k.a. garbage compactor. While it may be too late for some, Santa wants you to take care of business before his supply of Christmas treats is ruined.
        • Euler13 admits that the scenario is rather grim considering that it was inspired from the Christmas Grinch figure, who stole the fun from Christmas, and the pied piper of Hamelin, known for leading the children away, never to be seen again.
      • Euler13 assures everyone that while the theme is truly quite eerie, he made sure that this mode continues the tradition of not seeing children in a Hitman game. Thus while you may see toys lying around, there's not a child in sight.
  • Eleventh Day: Schizophrenia
    • Created by: SANY-72Q
    • Contract Briefing:
      • A patient at the Hokkaido Clinic has schizophrenia but believes that he is healthy and wants to be discharged. However he wishes to cure five schizophrenia patients from this disease.
  • Twelfth Day: Mmmh,Intere…Santa
    • Created by: GreekAgent
    • Contract Briefing:
      • Last year at Christmas, Rico asked Santa for an expensive sports car. Santa granted that wish hoping that this would change Rico's mind about the coca production. It turns out Rico enjoys a "White Christmas" and is now part of the naughty list along with three neither nice, nor Wice Men of his guard. Put on the Santa Suit and get moving before the magic is lost. Make sure to make it like a Ho-Ho-Horrible accident. Of course, don't forget to get the car.

The 12 Days of Contracts is part of the new content as revealed in the December Roadmap. You can read more about everything arriving in December here.

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