Hitman 2 Releases First Batch Of The 12 Days Of Contracts

On the 12 days of Christmas.
On the 12 days of Christmas. IO Interactive

If you've been following Hitman 2, then you probably know that its December Roadmap includes the return of the 12 Days of Contracts event. The first batch of the Curated Contracts has arrived, bringing four new challenges.

For those not familiar, the 12 Days of Contracts is a special holiday version of Curated Contracts. This had its beginning through a discussion on the Hitman Forum started by TheContractor. This later grew to more content creators becoming involved, with each creating their own holiday-themed contracts. All 12 of them are set to be released this month.

The first four contracts are:

  • First Day: Chimney Watchers
    • Created by: TheContractor
    • Contract Briefing:
      • Though bodyguards are not known to be nice, three in the Caruso villa have been especially naughty. The three keep watching fireplaces so they can steal other people’s presents. It's time to drop them a present that they won’t soon forget. Remember though that Santa is a pacifist and on the clock so don't waste time and no guns.
      • This contract is all about the chimneys. One thing to keep in mind is that Sapienza has a unique mechanic of being able to blow up fireplaces by simply dropping propane flasks down chimneys. This contract is all about becoming Santa and delivering some ‘presents’ to the naughty.
  • Second Day: Süßer die Nacken nie klingen
    • Created by: Urben
    • Contract Briefing:
      • The holidays are all about families, couples, and even friends, coming together and sharing the warmth and closeness. It's cold and dark outside and even if everything is well, there are people who cannot be home this night. Many of them work so we don't have to with some of even returning to a cold and empty house after work.
      • For this contract you need to snap necks. While you may have done a few of those, it's worth noting that doing this to conscious targets is in fact loud enough to be noticed.
  • Third Day: Die Hard: Rangan Tower
    • Created by: KevinRudd
    • Contract Briefing:
      • You client is a former policeman Don McCain. He typically performs his own operations but has since decided to retire and outsourced his work.
      • For this contract you need to make your way through Rangan Tower and shot your way through with a pistol and SMG. You also need to wear the Lynch suit.
  • Fourth Day: Jingle All The Way
    • Created by: PEA
    • Contract Briefing:
      • It's time to get rid of Turbo-Man so that our man Howard can take his place later.

Act quickly and finish these four before the next batch arrives.

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