Hitman 2: Four New Contracts Added In The 12 Days Of Contracts

New contracts released.
New contracts released. IO Interactive

Hitman 2 revealed the next set of contracts in its 12 Days of Contracts. For those new to the game, this version of the Curated Contracts started with a discussion on the Hitman Forums. This has since resulted in content creators sharing their own holiday-themed contracts. You can read about the first four contracts here.

Here are the details for the four new sets of contracts:

  • Fifth Day: Santa’s Little Helper
    • Created by: AgentJames
    • Contract Briefing:
      • A local biker named Santiago “Santa” Carazco has a list of who’s been naughty and nice. It turns out that four of them are on the naughty list for not paying their share of "cookies and milk."
      • If you accept the job, there's one catch. You need to wrap the targets for Christmas. Don't forget to hide the bodies so they won't be found until the special day arrives.
      • Take note to wear the right suit for the occassion.
  • Sixth Day: Office Christmas Party.
    • Created by: Sniff
    • Contract Briefing:
      • This one sends you to the heart of an embezzlement plot.
      • Based on the 2016 film "Office Christmas Party," this contract lets you enter the world of assassination in the most merry and goofy way there is.
      • It may look easy but could take a while to finish.
  • Seventh Day: Christmas Presents
    • Created by: SASO
    • Contract Briefing:
      • The good boys are all in bed with their stockings ready to be stuffed with different exciting gifts. However the others know you're coming and are doing what they can to stay awake.
      • For these contract, you need to leave present (actually explosives) for three sleeping soldiers.
      • Once that's done you then blow them up. Don't before to exit first.
  • Eight Day: The Christmas Krampus
    • Created by: MrNinjafreak
    • Contract Briefing:
      • If you're familiar with Krampus then you shold have an idea of where this contract is going. For those not familiar, Krampus gives people gifts, freezes them to death, and then drag them around.
      • All you need to do is leave two presents, leave a corpse in the freezer, and drag a victim around.

Don't forget to watch out for the last four contracts, which should arrive next week.

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