Hilarious Bug Has Fortnite Players Getting Instagibbed By The Fork Knife

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Fornite players are getting gibbed by the Fork Knife.
Fornite players are getting gibbed by the Fork Knife. Fortnite

In a rather hilarious turn of events, the Fork Knife in Fortnite is killing players instantly. Fortnite News on Twitter posted a video recently showcasing the problem, but the news was met with more laughter than concern.

After amassing such a huge player-base and becoming one of the most watched games on Twitch, Fortnite is definitely a treasure trove of running jokes and meme-worthy situations. One of the more well-known ones, at least among the Fortnite community, is that teens have often referred to the game as Fork Knife. The running joke has become so ubiquitous in the community that developer Epic Games has been getting in on the meme action since before season 8. First, the developer put an actual Fork Knife truck in the game, and now, in Season 8, there’s an actual Fork Knife area in the game.

Located somewhere in Fatal Fields, the Fork Knife area is literally just a bunch of indents on the ground arranged in such a way as to look like a fork and a knife side by side. I guess when Epic Games put in that solid meme reference, they were expecting maybe a few chuckles, maybe a snort, or if they’re lucky, maybe a half-assed ‘haha’. I doubt they were expecting the entire Fortnite community to be ROFL-ing it up the way they are now.

Thanks to a hilariously game-breaking bug, stepping on a certain tile in the Fork Knife area causes players to die instantly. Fortunately for Epic Games, most of its players have a good enough sense of humor for that kind of thing, resulting in community-wide laughs and less than a handful of players getting angry or sore over the issue.

This is all shaping up to be a milestone for the Fortnite community, but we’re more interested to find out what you think? Did you try to go to Fatal Fields and see the bug for yourself? Or do you consider it an issue like every other issue in a game like Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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