X Marks The Spot: Fortnite Brings Buried Treasure With V8.01 Patch

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Buried Treasure
Buried Treasure Fortnite

What's a pirate without his treasure? Fortnite understands this desire for booty, and has an answer in the latest patch 8.01.

The Fortnite 8.01 patch introduces buried treasure. However, these hidden riches do not work like the treasure hunts of past seasons. Players need to look for maps in Chests or as Floor Loot. Considered Legendary items, the maps use up an inventory slot. Hoarding is not allowed though, as players can only carry one map at a time.

Once players have a map, all they need to do is use it to make a red dotted line appear. In order not to make it too easy, the line does not go all the way to the treasure but instead reveals the general direction of where the treasure is located. Once the player gets nearer to the treasure's location, a golden light will mark where the treasure is. When players get near enough, an X appears to "mark the spot."

Once at an X, players can use their pickaxe to dig. A word of caution: players need to be sure they are alone or with their team as they can be attacked by other players while digging. Once players uncover the treasure, they are rewarded with items having Legendary rarity level.

This being a battle royale game, and a pirate-themed event at that, players can have their treasure maps taken from them. If a player gets killed, other players can grab the map and take a shot at the treasure.

The new patch is not entirely about buried treasure, as it introduces new tournaments. The Gauntlet Solo Test Event and the Gauntlet Duo Test Event consist of a single session and end on March 8 at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Weapon changes are also included with the patch. The availability of the Infantry Rifle tweaked, with the chance of getting one from Chests lowered from 14.41 percent to 13.39 percent. The odds of finding an Infantry Rifle on the ground has also decreased to 2.24 percent from 2.41 percent. Clinger availability has been reduced as well, with the chance of getting it from Chests reduced to 5.52 percent from 9.42 percent. The Clinger's odds of appearing as Floor Loot have decreased from 1.27 percent to 1.02 percent.

The largest change in the new patch may be related to fall damage. The angle that players slide down terrain without receiving damage has been increased to 75 degrees from 65 degrees.

In terms of creative changes, the patch removed the 3-spray limit and allow sprays to be saved.

The full patch notes are available here.

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