Wild Hearts April 6 Patch: QoL Features, Balancing Changes, and More

Get ready for a mysterious Kemono.
Get ready for a mysterious Kemono. EA

EA’s recent action monster hunting game, Wild Hearts, didn’t exactly release in the best of states. Players have complained about a plethora of technical issues, a lack of QoL features, and general bugs. But they would be glad to know that some of them have been addressed, thanks to a patch released today.

A "Camera Distance" setting is finally here so players can now adjust the distance between the in-combat player character and camera. Via the Detailed Map, players can now dismantle Dragon Karakuri and all Karakuri placed by guests. Voice chat is now usable in loading screens, and a "Dye" tutorial has been added. The standard firing rate of the hand cannon is increased and the power of Claw Blade's Wingblade Spin Slash is reduced.

A small portion of the patch notes is mentioned below.

  • Added a setting to change the color of the speaker name displayed in subtitles.
  • Increased the reward for offering assistance by using a Hunter's Gate, as well as further increased the reward for assisting on story quests.
  • The Stamina gauge will now flash when you do not have enough Stamina to perform an action.
  • Icons for buffs obtained from skills or food will now appear for each individual buff, even if the icons are the same.
  • An icon for the nearest campsite will now appear on the compass at the top of the screen.
  • Adjusted the sorting order when sorting ingredients so that seasonings now are properly sorted together.
  • While in the Karakuri Stance, player inputs will now prioritize the creation of Karakuri.
  • Visiting hunters in Minato will now have their player name and ID displayed above their head. The display setting can be toggled on the chat wheel.
  • Cladding will now be temporarily hidden when dying armor.
  • The dye color will now be shown on the armor forging screen and the cladding production screen.
  • The Flying Vine Dragon Karakuri is now easier to place in Minato, even in close proximity to a NPC.
  • Added a notification for when there is a completed food processing item in Minato.
  • The Paddle Scoop Karakuri will now return to its base when full.
  • In specific cases when an area change is immediately triggered after defeating a Giant Kemono, broken off Kemono materials will automatically be added to the player's inventory.
  • It is now possible to offer assistance on all quests from the Hunter's Gate located in Minato.
  • Adjusted Hunter Vision to make it better at guiding players to a target Kemono.

Read the complete patch notes on the official site. You can also purchase the standard edition of Wild Hearts on Steam for $69.99.

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