Heroic – Magic Duel Released Worldwide For Mobile

Heroic - Magic Duel released worldwide.
Heroic - Magic Duel released worldwide. Nordeus

The PvP strategy game Heroic - Magic Duel, a PvP strategy game, was officially launched worldwide for the iOS and Android yesterday, July 4. The intense strategy-driven mobile game is designed for thrill-seekers and competitive players, the kind of players who declare “Bring it on!” in the face of mayhem.

Players choose from a roster of five heroes, each having their own unique traits and abilities. Each hero has their skills, reflexes and tactical smarts put to the test. Before each battle begins, players choose two hero-specific spells and pick up a maximum of 50 distinct minions to build a deck that matches their strategy.

Players also need to be alert and keep their wits about them, as enemy portals crash down in real time. What this means is that quick reactions are what stands between defeat and victory.

In a press release, Heroic Executive Producer Matthieu Burleraux revealed that the game was a labor of love for everyone at developer Nordeus, and they are excited to see how players react to their dynamic additions to the strategy genre. He added that the "fast-paced game offers real pick up and play excitement by making battles a dynamic, lightning paced, adrenaline fueled three minutes.”

This fast-paced strategy game’s features include:

    • Use your cards wisely. Combine a rush deck of low-cost Minions with Divine Shield, choose high-damage Minions and boost their damage with Fury or come up with your own unique strategy. It's up to you!
    • Each Hero comes with a set of unique Spells for you to master and evolve. From Meteor and Hammer of the Gods to Chilling Wind and Giant Growth, pick your favorite brand of destruction to wreak havoc as you clash with your enemies.
    • We’ve got the assassins… healers… tanks... a total of 50 mighty Minions, all yours to collect, upgrade and combine into a Deck of invincible magic.
    • Conquer together! Team up with friends to play “friendly” battles, chat, donate cards and level up faster.
    • Team up with guildmates to take on vicious magical beasts in special Boss Raid events. Earn unique rewards, level-up your Heroes, and go back to PvP stronger than ever.
    • There’s more than one way to prove you’re Heroic! Climb the global, local and friends Leaderboards by winning battles AND dominate different Leagues by the amount of devastating damage you deal to your opponents.
    • Fight your way through breathtaking Arenas unlocking new cards, features and epic rewards along the way. Prove you can make it to Legendary status.

Heroic - Magic Duel is now available worldwide with five heroes, eight breathtaking arenas, 25 unique spells, and 50 minions. Download the game from the App Store and Google Play now.

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