Dr. Mario World Gets A July 10 Release Date On Mobile Devices

The NES classic will be making its return as a free-to-play mobile game.
Dr. Mario World is all set for a July 10 release date on Android and iOS devices.
Dr. Mario World is all set for a July 10 release date on Android and iOS devices. Nintendo

Nintendo has just revealed its latest foray into mobile gaming with Dr. Mario World, set to arrive for Android and iOS devices on July 10.

Dr. Mario World is a modernized version of the falling-tile block game based on its NES and Game Boy ancestors. The end goal is to destroy the viruses by lining up similarly colored medicine capsules. This time though, the capsules are floating upwards instead of falling down. Dr. Mario World also provides customization options in the form of special power-ups, skills and items that players have in their arsenal.

Dr. Mario isn’t the only medical professional in the game, as he will be joined by Dr. Peach, Dr. Toad, Dr. Yoshi, and Dr. Bowser, who each will have their own special move to help players clear viruses from the board and move on from level to level. Apparently, they just hand out medical degrees in the Mushroom Kingdom. it’s up to you if you trust these doctors with your life, though.

During the announcement that showcased the gameplay, Nintendo also explained how Dr. Mario World’s monetization scheme will work, with it being a free game and all. Basically, it will work just like any other free-to-play mobile game that relies on premium currency for its profits. A player can play the game, but they lose hearts if they lose a level. Lose all of your hearts and you need to wait for your heart meter to refill before you can play again. Can’t wait for the meter to refill? Buy hearts to play again and have another go at that frustrating level. If a certain level is keeping you down and you obviously need power-ups to beat it, but you don’t have one? Buy power-ups using diamonds (premium currency) to move on to the next one.

As of this moment, Nintendo has promised five worlds to play through at launch, with many more to be added in upcoming updates.

Android and iOS users can pre-order the free-to-play Dr. Mario World from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Dr. Mario will be released on both Android and iOS mobile devices on July 10.

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