Official One Punch Man Mobile Game In Development

One Punch Man: Road to Hero set to arrive to mobile.
One Punch Man: Road to Hero set to arrive to mobile. Oasis Games

Oasis Games revealed it is developing the One Punch Man: Road to Hero mobile RPG. This is the first officially authorized One Punch Man game to be released to the U.S.

The story follows the plot of the original series and includes every character, from the hero Saitama to the Deep Sea King. This is interesting considering that in the anime series, especially in the first season, a new enemy is introduced each episode.

Additionally, the characters in the game are voiced by none other than the original anime actors like Makoto Furukawa (Saitama), Kaito Ishikawa (Genos), and Kaji Yuki (Speed-o'-Sound Sonic), to name a few. With such a wide range of heroes and monsters, players get the chance to experience the power of all the characters.

The game is projected to be a turn-based card RPG and Oasis Games guaranteed fans that they are going to make sure that the strength and balance of the cards are properly adjusted. They also made sure that the outcome of the battles cannot be determined by a single card. Thus, players need to match different card strengths in order to create a truly powerful team.

Expected game features are:

  • Officially Authorized: An authentic recreation of the original hit anime series, featuring the original anime voice acting
  • Play Every Battle: Relive thrilling confrontations with powerful mysterious beings, such as Vaccine Man, Deep Sea King and Lord Boros
  • More Than 50+ Collectable Characters: The game includes powerful mysterious beings and S-Class heroes, and players can learn more through training them
  • Power is King: Use a combination of strategy and strength to reach the summit through multiple battle modes, and save in-game battle videos to share moments of glory!
  • Share Gameplay Strategy: Browse the player review section to learn all the characters, or chat with players to discuss optimal strategies

One Punch Man: Road to Hero Producer Jinyang Xu said that the game puts the story and characters in the hands of gamers to allow them to course their own path to the top. He said that the team at Oasis continues to focus on "making all aspects of the game authentic, allowing players to extend the world of the anime series into an interactive playground where they can battle, train and collect all their favorite heroes.”

With the second season of the anime series already underway, additional content based on the new episodes is projected to be released sometime after the game's official launch.

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